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Surface Grinders

Abrasive Surface Grinder MD 1.5"
Model MD 1.5, S# 2035, 8" x 15" Fine line chuck, 12" Grind wheel, New spindle bearings, Manual machine, 1hp 220/440v 3ph 1,450 rpm

$2,500 Sale Price $2,100
Blanchard No. 11 Rotary Surface Grinder
Model No. 11, S# 8290, Date Mfg. 1955, 16" Dia. Magnetic chuck, Neutrol E-300 magnet control, Chuck shift speeds11/15/24/64 rpm, Wheel dresser, Grease fitting lube system, 1/4hp Coolant pump, Chuck motor 1hp, Drive motor 15hp 220/440v 3ph, Cleaned & painted, Overall Dim. 5' 9"L x 3' 9"W x 8' 7"H, Est. Wt. 7,500 lbs.

Blanchard 18-30 Rotary Surface Grinder
Model 18-30, S# 3522, Date Mfg. 1941, 30" Dia. Magnetic chuck, 36" Swing x 12"H over chuck, 3/8" Pole spacing, 18" grinding wheel, Wheel head has rapid up/down, Rapid traverse on magnetic chuck, Electromatic rectifier, Built in 130 gal. coolant tank w/ 1/2hp pump, Exhaust blower motor 3/4hp, Drive motor 25hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 8' 9"L x 4' 10"W x 8' 6"H (on 4"H wood blocks), Est. Wt. 11,250 lbs., Cleaned & painted

$13,500 SOLD
Blanchard 18-36 Rotary Surface Grinder
Model 18-36, S# 5865, Date Mfg. 1945, 36" Dia. Magnetic chuck, 12"H Over chuck, 3/8" Pole spacing, 18" segmented grinding wheel, Speed ranges 6/9/12/18/25/33 rpm, 20 Dial in feeds from 4 to 76, Wheel head has rapid up/down, Rapid traverse on magnetic chuck, Updated Neutrofier II, Built in large capacity coolant tank w/ 1/2hp pump, Updated power system 208-440v 3ph 1,500 watts, Drive motor 25hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 8' 9"L x 4' 10"W x 8' 3"H, Est. Wt. 11,250 lbs., Cleaned & painted

$16,500 SOLD
Blanchard 22AK-42 Rotary Surface Grinder
Model 22AK-42, S# 15693, 42" Dia. Magnetic chuck, 44" Swing, 24" Vertical head travel, 24" Segmented grinding wheel, Coolant, Overall machine Dim. 128"L x 60"W x 114"H, Overall electrical cabinet Dim. 74"L x 24"W x 96"H, Est. Wt. 16,500 lbs., Photos coming soon
Boyar Schultz 6" x 12"
Model Six Twelve, S# 16164, Rebuilt 11/4/91, 6" x 12" Manual magnetic fine line chuck, 1/2" x 5.75" Grind wheel, Max grind wheel 1/2" x 7", Table travel 13" long x 7" cross, Adjustable stops on table, Storage in base, Coolant, Swing out stand with rubber surface, 3/4hp 208-220/440v 3ph 60cyc 3,450/2,850 rpm 2.6/1.3 amps, Overall Dim. 36"L x 40"W x 5' 9"H, Est. Wt. 700 lbs.

Boyar Schultz 6" x 12"
Model H612, S# 27028, 6" x 12" Rated capacity, 12" Max between chuck & spindle, Walker 6" x 12" Electromagnetic chuck, Neutrofier control, Bijur one shot lube system, Built in dust collector, 1hp 208-220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 42"L x 36"W x 71"H

Boyar Schultz 6" x 18"
Model 6-18, S# NS-697, 6" x 18" Hitachi electro magnetic chuck model HL-618CV, 1.5hp 220v 3ph 60cyc 1,730 rpm 2.8 amps

Bridgeport 815 Surface Grinder
Model 815, 8" x 15" Walker Ceramax permanent magnetic chuck, Coolant, 1.5hp 208-230v 3ph, More info coming soon

$2,500 SOLD
Brown & Sharpe 6" x 18" Visual Grind
Model 618, S# 523-6180-1414, 6" x 8" B&S Wide line chuck, 7" x 1/2" Grinding wheel, Adjustable stops on table, Adjustable work light, Sony LF-200 Y/Z DRO with inch/mm, Parts manual, Overall Dim. 4' 11"W x 4' 8"L x 7'H, Est. Wt. 3,000 lbs., Cleaned & painted

Brown & Sharpe 818 Dial-a-Size Fully Auto
Model 818 Dial-a-Size, S# 523-81814-7484, 8" x 18" fine line Hitachi magnetic chuck Model HU-818 S# 53734, 1/8hp Coolant pump, Hydraulic truing attachment, 460v 3ph 60hz

Brown & Sharpe 818 Micro Master Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model HU-818, S# 523-8186-8047, 8" x 18" Manual Walker Ceramax magnetic chuck, 7.5" x 3/4" Grind wheel, Hydraulic operated feed controls, Bijur Spraymist coolant unit, External coolant pump & tank 1/10hp, Hydraulic pump & tank in base, Pacemaker direct drive motor 2hp 220440v 3ph 60hz 3,600 rpm (wired on 460v), Overall Dim. 5' 4"L x 5'W x 7' 6"H (on 4"H blocks), Est. Wt. 2,600 lbs.

Brown & Sharpe 1024 Micro Master
Model 1024, S# 523-1024-359, 10" x 24" Magnalock fine line chuck, 12" x 1.25" Grinding wheel, 1,750 Max rpm, Max work height using 14" wheel 13.5", Max longitudinal travel 28", Max traverse 12" adjustable, Cross increment from .010 to .500, Hydraulic truing system, Quick latch adjustable stops on table, Table speeds from 10 to 125 fpm, Removable guards around work area, Adjustable work light, Main drive motor 5hp 230/460v 3ph, Hyd. motor 2hp 230/460v 3ph, Rapid positioning motor 3hp, Operations & parts manual, Overall Dim. 6' 4"W x 7' 10"L x 6' 4"H, Coolant tank 16"W x 20"L x 20"H, Est. Wt. 5,000 lbs.

Chevalier 10" x 20" Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model FSG 1020AD, S# F1821002, 10" x 20" Fine line chuck, Max grind wheel capacity 12" x 3", Long travel 24 3/8" max, Cross travel 11.75" max, Vertical travel 21" max, Manual dial-in truing system, Hydraulic X/Y/Z, Controls on swing arm, Table speed adjustment lever, Limit adjustment unit, Feed select unit, Micro adjustment lever, Hyd. pump Dim. 2' 5"L x 1' 6"W x 2' 2"H, Overall grinder Dim. 6'W x 5'FB x 7'H, Est. Wt. 4,800 lbs.

Clausing 4002 Surface Grinder
Model 4002, S# 7B-8050, Walker Ceramax magnetic chuck, Storage cabinet in base, Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

$1,800 SOLD
Clausing/Chevalier 10" x 20" Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model E1278C003, Made by Chevalier, 10" x 20" Kanetsu wide line chuck, 8.5" x 1" Grinding wheel, 10" x 1" Max Grinding wheel, Quick adjustable table, In/Out adjustable stops, Dial in truing system, 20" Vertical travel, 24" Longitudinal travel, 11" Cross travel, Hydraulic operated table, 1hp External hydraulic pump, 1/8hp External coolant pump, 230v 3ph, Overall Dim. 5' 6"L x 7' 5"W x 7' 7"H, Est. Wt. 4,000 lbs.

DoAll VS618 Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model VS618-3, S# 357-78283, 1hp Super precision spindle model WS, S# VS466, 6" x 1/2" Grinding wheel, 8" x 16" Magna-Lock fine line chuck, DoAll Selectron chuck control model 100, Auto down feed, One shot electric lube system, Operations manual & electrical prints, 1/3hp Coolant pump & tank 30"L x 17"W x 30"H with filter system, 1hp Hydraulic pump & tank, 220v 3ph 60hz, Overall Dim. 4' 8"L x 4' 8"W x 5' 3"H (on pallet), Est. Wt. 1,600 lbs.

$5,900 SOLD
Enco Surface Grinder
Model 120-5612, S# 1027, Date 7/85, 1hp 220/440v 3ph

Gardner Surface Grinder
Model 15 (1-1/2), S# 485-4, Walker Ceramax manual magnetic chuck, 1/4hp Coolant pump, Drive motor 2hp 208-220/440v 3ph, Machine Dim. 58"L x 42"W x 83"H, Coolant pump & tank Dim. 31"L x 10"W x 33"H, Came straight out of use, More info coming soon

Hanchett Knife Grinder 96"
Size 108 HYDGK, Shop No. 1568, Tilting blade holding table measures 9' 3"L x 8"W with (2) 1" slots, 16" Segmented wheel with truing head, 7.5hp 880 rpm 220/440 3ph Grinding head motor, Hydraulic table, Overall size is 20' 6"L x 60"H x 60"W

$9,500 Sale Price $3,500
Hanchett Knife Grinder 120"
More info coming soon

Hanchett Knife Grinder 8" x 150"
S# 41, Date Mfg. 08/28/1987, 8" x 150" Capacity, Hand crank adjustment, Spiral gear drive, 2 Magnets each 6'1.75" x 8" square with 1/4" backstop, Has 4 way 0 to 90° indicator dial with arrow site control, 18" Dia. segmented grind wheel, Wheel dresser attached, Hand dial infeed stepper 5 MTR 0 to 90°, Built in oil lube coolant system, Grease fit lube, Roll up way covers attached to carriage, Grind wheel motor 15hp 230/460v 3ph, Carriage motor 3hp 200v/100v exc/1,750-2,050 rpm, Overall Dim. 20' 5"L x 5' 6"W x 5' 10"H, Est. Wt. 12,280 lbs., Cleaned & painted

Harig 6" x 12"
Model Super 612, Rebuilt 12/9/91, 6" x 12" Brown & Sharpe permanent wide line magnetic chuck, 1" x 7" Grind wheel, Spindle speed 3,450 rpm, Table travel long 12.5" x cross 7.25", Adjustable stops on table, Vertical working height over 7" wheel 12.5", Storage cabinet in base, No coolant system, Adjustable work light with magnetic base, 1hp 208-220/440v 3ph 3,450/2,850 rpm (wired on 440v), Overall Dim. 40"L x 40"W x 6' 10"H, Est. Wt. 700 lbs.

Heald 25A Rotary Surface Grinder
Model 25-A, S# 20233, 30" Dia. Magnetic chuck, 34" Swing inside coolant trough, 4.75" Vertical capacity, 14" x 2" Grinding wheel, 4 Speeds 25-37-49-74 rpm, Updated controls, Electric demagnetizer, Coolant tank & pump, 10hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 8'L x 4' 7"W x 5' 9"H, Est. Wt. 9,000 lbs., Cleaned & painted

$18,000 SOLD
Hill Acme G-348
18" x 60" Electro magnetic chuck, Auto down feed, Coolant tank, External hydraulic tank, way covers, Rebuilt

$22,000 Sale Price $17,500
Jones & Shipman 1430 Surface Grinder
Model 1430, S# BO-14893, 12" x 24" Braillon fine line chuck model BJP, Max chuck 14" x 30", 9.5" x 1/8" Grind wheel, Max grind wheel 10" x 1/2", Adjustable stops X/Y/Z, Sony X/Y programmable DRO, Coolant pump & tank, 1/4hp Hydraulic pump & tank, Drive motor 3.7/3.0kw 460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 7' 7"L x 5'W x 7'H, Est. Wt. 6,000 lbs.

Kent 12" x 30" Precision Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model SGS-1230SD, S# 91029, Date Mfg. 02/2002, Kanetsu 12" x 28" Wide line electro-Magnetic chuck model KET-3070K S# 20112026, Table travel 33.1", Saddle travel 13.5", Spindle to table 23", Work capacity 12" x 30", Grind wheel 13" x 1.25", Max grind wheel 14" x 1.25", Manually adjusted dial in truing system, Vertical Grad. 0.0005", Vertical Rev. 0.1000", Auto down feed increments 0.0001" 10 steps, Controls on adjustable swing arm with programmable touch panel, Handy Pulser hand held control x1-x10-x20 dial in adjustment, Magnet dial in adjustment, 3 Grinding modes; auto surface grind/manual/auto plunge, Spindle motor 5hp 1,750 rpm, Overall Dim. 6'L x 8'W x 6' 8"H, Est. Wt. 5,000 lbs., Cleaned & painted

K.O. Lee 6" x 18" Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model SEH618-1, S# 29214, 6" x 18" Magna-Lock chuck model HR618, S# 2889, Opti Mate digital controls, Variable speed spindle, Hydraulic on X only, Spindle motor 5hp 230/460v 3ph 60hz, more info coming soon

K.O. Lee 6" x 18" Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model S718HG, S# 24678-UD, Hydraulic, 6" x 18" Capacity, 6" x 1/2" Grinding wheel on machine, 7" Wheel capacity, 6 Extra grinding wheels, 16" Max between spindle center & table, Auto lube system, Coolant tank & pump 1/6hp, Hydraulic pump 2hp 230/460v 3ph, Spindle motor 2hp 230/460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 54"L x 54"W x 70"H, Est. Wt. 1,430 lbs., Photos coming soon
K.O. Lee Surface Grinder
Model S709JIC3PA, S# 24370-TL, Hydraulic X/Y, 2hp 460v 3ph 60hz, more info coming soon

K.O. Lee 6" x 18" Surface Grinder
Model S618L-564, S# 28822, 6" x 18" Capacity, 6.5" x 1/2" Grind wheel, 1.5" Spindle Dia., Long travel 20", Cross travel 6.75", Max distance from surface to spindle 14.25", Leematic 2000 programmable controls on swing arm, Heidenhain Readout bar system, Bijur auto lube system, Adjustable work light, Coolant pump & tank 1/10hp, Hydraulic pump 2hp, Spindle motor 2hp 208-230/460v 3ph, Overall shipping Dim. 4'L x 50"W x 7' 4"H, Est. Wt. 3,000 lbs.

K.O. Lee 8" x 18" CNC Surface Grinder
Model 032.0085, Type S818ADF2, 8" x 18" Capacity, 8" x 3/4" Grind wheel, Touch panel K.O. CNC programmable DRO, Opti-Mate Touch panel control, Bijur auto lube system, Adjustable work light, Leveling pads, External hydraulic pump & tank 1hp 208-230/460v 3ph, Spindle motor 2hp 230/460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 6'L x 4' 6"W x 6' 11"H (on 4" blocks), Est. Wt. 1,200 lbs.

$16,000 SOLD
Norton 6" x 18" Surface Grinder
S# H7032, 8" Grind wheel, Hydraulic X & Y, 6" x 18" Fine line magnetic chuck, 1.5hp 208- 220/440v 3ph Grinding spindle, 1/10hp Coolant pump 208-220/400v

$3,900 Sale Price $3,600 SOLD
Norton 6" x 18" Surface Grinder
Hydraulic X/Y, S# S-3 6441, 8" Wheel, 1.5hp 220/440v 3ph Grinding spindle, 6" x 18" Electro magnetic chuck with controls, Coolant

$3,900 Sale Price $3,600
Norton Vertical Surface Grinder
5" Cup wheel, 6" x 18" Magnetic Chuck, Up to 10" under wheel, Hydraulic X/Y, S# 4152, 3hp 3,450 rpm 220v 3ph

Thompson 8" x 24" Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model B, S# B514203, 8" x 24" Suburban Tool magnetic chuck model MCB824, Truing attachment, Incremental down feed, Hydraulic X/Y, Built in coolant, Coolant pump 0.5hp, Hydraulic pump 1.5hp, Main drive 3hp 220/440v 3ph 60cyc, Cleaned & painted

Tos Hostivar 12" x 40" Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Model BPH 320 A, S# 177771, 12" x 40" Wide line electro magnetic chuck, Auto feed, Manual adjustable stops on table, In/Out micro switch stops, Dial in adjustable truing system, External coolant filtration system 26"L x 12"W x 20"H, Adjustable work light, 4/3kw 220v 3ph, Overall Dim. 7' 5"L x 11'W x 7' 4"H (on 4"H wood blocks), Est. Wt. 7,500 lbs.


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