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Automotive Equipment

Bear 1469/1410 Combo Brake Drum & Rotor Lathe
Model 1469 & 1410, S# 01E406 & 11D2291, Loaded with tooling, Work light, On cart with casters, 1/2hp 115v 1ph, Overall Dim. 5'L x 30"W x 4' 7"H, Est. Wt. 1,000 lbs.

$1,950 SOLD
Berco ACP155-2 Cylinder Boring Machine
Model ACP155-2, S# 261-B, Boring capacity 2-7/8" Min. 6-3/32" Max, Max auto spindle stroke 14-1/8", Max manual spindle stroke 1-9/16", 2 Spindle speeds 220 & 440 rpm, 2 Speed rapid feed both directions 29"/Min & 58"/Min, 2 Speed spindle operating feed per revolution .0032" & .0064", Manual feed per crank revolution .079", 1.32/.96hp, Overall Dim. 52"L x 42"W x 83"H, Est. Wt. 2,623 lbs., Cleaned & painted

Bishman 931-A Truck Tire Mounter/Demounter
Model 931-A 5928, S# 863902, 2hp 230v 60hz 1ph, Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

Bishman Truck Tire Mounter/Demounter
Model 931-A, S# 9064, 2hp 110v 60hz 1ph

$2,250 Sale Price $1,950
 Coats 6401 Direct Drive Truck Tire Balancer
Model 8146401, S# 01-90-06-9673, 220v 3ph 50/60hz 20 amps

$5,000 Sale Price $2,400
Coats 9000 Truck Tire Mounter/Demounter
Model 9000, S# 0596367663, 220v 1ph 12 amps 60hz, More info coming soon

$6,000 Sale Price $5,000
Continental Motors Corp. Diesel Engine
Model LDT-465-1C, Part No. 11642105, S# 3871796, In shock mount transport container

$700 SOLD (Still have the transport container) Make Offer
Devin Mfg. 2,000 lbs. Automotive Axle Stand
Model 150-AX, S#'s 748 & 754, Date Mfg. 3/90, 2,000 lbs. Capacity

$450 Each (2 in stock)
Graco 55 Gal Drum Grease Dispenser
Air powered

John Bean/Snap On T8026 Tire Mounter/Demounter
Model JBEG T8026, S# 1204.6027102.66, Date Mfg. 2004, 230v 3ph 60hz, More info coming soon

$5,000 Sale Price $4,250
Kwik-Way Fly Wheel Grinder
Model 796, S# 2343, More info coming soon

$4,900 Sale Price $4,600
Kwik-Way FN Engine Cylinder Boring Machine
Model FN, S# FN 5973, 3/4hp 115/230v 1ph 60hz 10.8/5.4 amp, Storage cabinet w/ box of tooling, Machine Wt. 161 lbs., More info coming soon

Kwik-Way Master Head Shop
S# 323000, 230v 3ph 60hz, More info & photos coming soon
Performance Equip. Co./Sicam Jumbo TCS 26 Tire Changer
Model Jumbo TCS 26, S# 4104050387779, Year 2005, Rim diameter from 14" to 26" capacity, Max wheel diameter 64.6" (1,640mm), Max wheel width 31.5" (800mm), Mounting jaws range from 5" min to 26" max, Remote control, 4 Jaw universal chuck, Bead lifting lever, Bead ring lever, Rim pincers, Tire gauge, 8 Tubs of soap, Operations/Parts manual, Sicam CD, Machine has seen very little to no use "Like New" and is still on the factory pallet, 2hp Chuck motor, 1.5hp Hydraulic motor, Wired 230v 3ph, Machine dimensions 64"W x 55"FB x 30"H with chuck arm down, Weight 1,300 lbs, Shipping dimensions 75"W x 60"FB x 38"H, Weight 1,590 lbs.

$5,000 Sale Price $4,000 (3 in stock)
Sioux 6024 G Valve Grinder
Catalog No. 6024 G, S# 1544, 115v 1ph 60cyc 6.5 amps

Sioux 680 Valve Grinder
Machine No. 680, S# D-15679, Coolant, Work light, Tool chest loaded with tooling, 1/2hp 115v 1ph 60cyc 10amps, More info coming soon

Sioux 2001 Valve Grinder
Model 2001, Coolant, Work light, Storage cabinet in base with tooling, 1/2hp 115/230v 1ph 50/60hz 5.5/2.75 amps, More info coming soon

Star Brake Lathe Model 1476
S# 992. For disc and drums, Disc capacity 3" to 24.5", Drum capacity 6" to 45", Spindle speeds 30, 60, 125 rpm, Cross feed variable 0 to 3.5" per min, Machine comes with tooling and manual, 1hp 120/240v 1ph

$3,500 Sale Price $2,000
Storm Vulcan 15A Special Crankshaft Grinder
Model 15A-SP, S# 280-71, 60" Between centers, 21" Swing, 24" x 1.5" Grinding wheel, 8" 3 Jaw buck chucks, Arnold gage, Steady rest, Balancing arbor, Balancing stand, Radius gage, Coolant tank, Main motor 5hp 208-220/440v 3ph 60cyc 1,725 rpm, Work head 0.5hp 208-220/440v 3ph 60cyc 1,140 rpm, Overall Dim. 9' 5"L x 4'W x 5' 8"H (on 4"H wood blocks), Est. Wt. 8,000 lbs., Cleaned & Painted

$20,000 Sale Price $16,000

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