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Baileigh Tube Benders "New"
We are an authorized dealer for Baileigh Industrial, Click on the Icon to the left or the link below to view their Tube Benders. Contact us for options and current pricing.
(Baileigh Tube Benders)
Clarke & Lewis Bender
Model C-L 150, S# 0656, Date Mfg. 1-7-87, Hand operated

$6,900 Sale Price $5,000
Clarke & Lewis CL-150H Hydraulic Tube Bender Clarke & Lewis CL-150H Hydraulic Tube Bender
Model CL-150H, S# 1187, Date Mfg. 10/91, 5hp 230v 3ph 60hz, More info coming soon

$13,500 Sale Price $12,000
Clarke & Lewis CNC Bender
Model CL-200CNC, S# 1168, Date Mfg. 1/30/91, CNC Control, 460v 3ph 60hz, More info coming soon

$13,500 Sale Price $12,000
Clarke & Lewis CL-200 1.5" CNC Bender
Model CL-200CNC, S# 1238, Date Mfg. 9/92, 989 Hrs. on machine, Clockwise bend, 1.5" Capacity, 12' Bend length, Centerline radius 10", CNC Control, Wiper die support, Direct act pressure die, Pressure die boost, Degree of bend stops, Dial in collet system from 0 to 360°, Grease fitting lube, Adjustable hydraulic pressure gauge from 0 to 3,000 psi, Hydraulic system 5hp 230v 3ph 60hz, Overall Dim. 20' 3"L x 4' 2"W x 5' 4"H, Est. Wt. 3,000 lbs.

$12,000 SOLD
Coast Dual 4" Benders
2 Machines made to work with each other, One mounts on 12" I beams on floor to adjust to length of pipe you want to do / for bending both ends of pipe at same time, Model 4HRCB-CW & Model 4HRCB-CCW, S# 4HRCB-80-208 & S# 4HRCB-80-209, New in 1980, Machines rated for 4" schedule 80 pipe, Set of dies in each machine for 3 1/2", 30hp 220/440v 3ph Hydraulic pumps on each bender, Auto oilers, 55" Pressure die arm

$19,000 Sale Price $14,000 for both machines as is!
Combustion Engineering 3" Bender
S# 5086, Mechanical gear drive with 4 speeds, Tooling mount is 11" round with 1.5" Key and a 1.75" shaft in center with air operated pull down, With 2 pallets of large radius bending dies for 1.5" square tubing, 10hp 220/440v 3ph With electric brake, Needs some parts to bring it back to original

 Conrac/Leonard Bend Master
Model PBHDX, S# 5326-201

$12,000 Sale Price $8,900
Conrac 210-R.H. Bender
Model 210-R.H., S# 84511-111, 208v 3ph 10amp 60hz, More info & photos coming soon
Conrac DF-HD End Former
Model DF-HD, S# 85027-147, More info coming soon

Custom Bender
26" x 50" Table, Air operated, Foot pedal control

Diacro No. 2 Bender
Model No. 2, More info coming soon

$800 SOLD
Diacro No. 4 Manual Bender
Model No. 4, S# DD-2031, More info coming soon

$1,900 SOLD
Diacro No. 4 Power Bender
Model No. 4, 3hp 230v 3ph, More info coming soon

Diacro No. 8 Power Bender
Model No. 8, S# 1580280250, Capacity: 1.5"OD tube x 0.060" wall, 1" I.P.S., 1" Solid round, 7/8" Solid square, 3/8" x 4" Flat (easy way), 3/8" x 1" Flat (hard way), Max radius 24", hydraulic pressure 1,250 psi, Cylinder bore 4", Spindle torque 3,487 ft./lbs., 3hp 230/460v 3ph, Floor space 18" x 62", Shipping weight 1,150 lbs., Cleaned & painted

Eaton Leonard 3/4"
Model VB75C-125-RL, S# V75C-125-12L, Sold as is, Retro-fit & parts machine, Overall Dim 3' 6"W x 6'H x 12'L

Make offer
 Eaton Leonard 1" Tube Bender
Model VBCE 100, S# VB-10-CE-R-060-MT-04-87, Missing control

$2,500 as is
Eaton Leonard 1.5" CNC Tube Bender
Model VB75E-LH, S# VB75E-160L, Capacity 1.5" max, Radius 8", Note: Head pictured has been changed out for low hour right hand 1.5" head, Updated programmable CNC touch screen Panelview controls, 6'W x 6'H x 21'L, Est. wt. 5,000 lbs.

Eaton Leonard 3" CNC Tube Bender
Model VB-150-HS-RH, S# VB-15-HS-R-214-MT-04-88, New 3" bend head & hydraulics installed in '95, Capacity 3"OD x .187", Max radius 12", Max tube length to tangent 12', Max bend angle 195°, Speeds: Degree of bend 25 rpm - Plane of bend 40 rpm - Carriage travel 1,800 IPM, Distance floor to die center 42", Key size 1.25" Dia., Die holder shaft 1" Dia., Velog 3 axis CNC control w/ foot pedal, Right hand machine, Clockwise, Auto lube system, Dual motorized carriage for plane of bend & distance between stops, Pressure & wiper die holder, Pressure die holder 2' 9"L, Direct acting pressure die w/ pressure die assist, Oil cooled heat exchanger, Have machine manuals & electric prints, Low hour machine, Hydraulic pump 20hp 440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 20'L x 64"W x 6' 3"H, Control cabinet Dim. 32"L x 30"W x 4' 10"H, Est. Wt. 12,000 lbs.

$49,500 SOLD
Eaton Leonard 3/4" Head
Pressure die assist, L.H., Moog valve model LZ-303B, S# 7714

Eaton Leonard 3" Head
GWS Tube Forming Solutions 3" Tube Former
Model SZ400, S# INR191I, Mfr. Date Nov. 19 1998, 3" Capacity, 120v 1ph, Controls: Jog Advance button - Jog Return button - Cylinder Expand/Reduce switch - Advance Expand/Both/Reduce - Return Expand/Both/Reduce - Single/Double - Operation Mode Size/Form - Active Cylinder Expand/Reduce - Enter button - Counter - Emergency Stop button - Start button - Foot Switch plug in

Hossfeld Benders
We sell new machines No. 1/No. 2 universal manual or hydraulic, The No. 2 will bend 2" standard pipe to a 10" radius, They offer hundreds of different dies to suit just about any needs you might have.
Call for info/prices.
Hossfeld No. 1 Universal Manual Bender New
Standard kit No. 05281 which consist of the following - 05255 Main frame, 05260 Swing arm, 05040, 9 Flat surface roller, 05042 11 Square block (2), 05052 17 Regular flat head pin, 05055 19 U Pin, 05057 20 Center Pin, 05166 22 Support plug, 05169 25 Gauge adjusting block, 05170 25A Gauge extension rod, 05172 Circle gauge, 200763 28B6 Hand lever, 20764 28B7 Hand lever pin, 05268 #1 VHS Video, 05271 #1 Operating manual
Hossfeld No. 2 Hydraulic Powered
Used with some tooling, Has extra long cylinder so you can do larger degree bends then standard hydraulic bender, With stand

Hossfeld No. 2 Universal Manual Bender New
Standard kit No. 4600 which consist of the following, 20722 Main frame, 20750 Swinging frame, 20049 9B Flat surface roller, 20054 11B Square block (2), 20084 17B Flat pin, 20097 19B U Pin, 20098 19B4 U Pin w/lug, 20105 20B Center pin, 20691 22B Support lug, 20711 25B Gauge adjusting block, 20713 25B1 Gauge extension rod, 20721 27B Circle gauge, 20760 28B5 Hand lever, 20764 28B7 Hand lever pin, 42015 #2 Instruction manual, 42019 #2 VHS Video
Hossfeld Hydraulic Power Attachment For No. 2 New
Part 49000 which consist of the following, 49001 Hydraulic power unit, 49125 H4 Hydraulic cylinder and hoses, 49270 H52 "L" Swinging frame, 49285 H55 90 Degree cylinder mounting, 49350 Hydraulic conversion hardware
Hossfeld Pedestal Stand For No. 1
Part No. 05296
Hossfeld Pedestal Stand For No. 2
Part No. 20768
Hoston HST-45 Roll Bender
Model HST-45, 4" x 4" x 3/8" Capacity, Angle inner/outer capacity 3.543" x 0.3937"/3.937" x 0.3937", Channel inner/outer capacity 0.7874", Plate flat bending capacity 7.874" x 1.181", Plate vertical bending capacity 3.937" x 0.9843", Tube bending capacity 3.504" x 0.315", Rod bending capacity 2.953", Square bending capacity 3.15" x 0.2362", More info coming soon

Landis 2.5" Bolt/Pipe Threader
Model 2-1/2", S# 2-1/2L254, Capacity 2.5", Lanco 2.5" head No. 20R572, 9 Spindle speeds 25/34/44/57/59/62/77/106/138 rpm, Built in coolant, Pallet full of tooling, With manuals, Drive motor Est. 10hp 220/440v 3ph (wired on 440v), Overall Dim. 6' 6"L x 3'W x 4' 10"H, Est. Wt. 6,000 lbs.

Landis Maiden 2.5" Bolt/Pipe Threader
Model 2-1/2 MB, S# 9041-2 1/2 MB, 1/2" to 2.5" Capacity, Metric 12 to 64mm, Coarsest pitch 4 TPI, Carriage range 1/2" to 3.75", 13" Traverse, 9 Spindle speeds from 18 to 150 rpm, Built in coolant system, Grease & oil cap lube system, Cleaned & painted, Drive motor 5hp 1,450 rpm, Overall Dim. 6' 3"L x 3' 3"W x 4' 5"H, Est. Wt. 2,800 lbs.

LNS Quick Load 4' Bar Feeder
Type Quick-Load, S# 18891, Air operated lift cylinders, 24v Auto/Manual control, 4'L x 3' 2.5" Stock holding rack, 55" Stock catch V feed tray, Manual adjustment of stop on slide bar, Overall Dim. 6' 6"L x 4' 6"W x 63"H, Est. Wt. 1,500 lbs.

LNS Bar Feeder
More info & photos coming soon
LNS Bar Feeder
More info coming soon

Maus MA-500 CNC Work Center For Rolling & End Facing
Model MA-500, S# 08049, Date Mfg. 2008, Auto rolling expansion, Auto end facing, Stroke X/Y/Z 66.929"/23.622"/15.748", Max Dia. of tube sheet 39", Max thickness of tube sheet 8", Tube expander max speed 3,000 rpm, Auto internal lube system for the tools, Auto guide lube system, Pneumatic: max 10 bar, 17kw 380v 3ph 50hz, Overall Dim. 13.78'L x 5.58'W x 7.10'H, Weight 5,000 kg.

Modern 3" CNC Tube Cut Off
Model 3E, S# 3E-3021-R98, Rebuilt/updated by Modern in 10/97, 5hp AC Variable speed drive, 9' 6" Magazine type bar feed, Allen Bradley touch screen interface, Extra tooling, Manuals/Programming for controller/electric prints included

$59,500 Sale Price $29,000
Parker 232B Power Flarer - 1/8" to 2"
Model 232B, S# 1537, 1/8" to 2" Capacity, Manual adjustable back stop from 0 to 1.5", Storage in base w/ tooling, 1/4hp 115v 1ph, Overall Dim. 25"W x 20"L x 51"H, Est. Wt. 200 lbs.

PHI 420 Type II 1/2" Tube Bender
Model 420, Type II, S# 00-6-007, Date Mfg. June 2000, Bending capacities (non ferrous tubing) Low range 3/16" OD - High range 1/2" OD, Radius centerline 8" Max, Length over mandrel to tube stop 120" Max, Degree of bend 195 Max, Die block mounting post 1" OD, Drive key width 3/8", Carriage buck chuck 6-jaw, 4 Draw bars, Approx. 9 manual lock down stops, Manual operated head, Misc. tooling & dies, Operation & parts manual, Overall Dim. 13' 9"L x 32"W x 4'H, Est. Wt. 750 lbs.

PHI Tube Master Flaring Machine
Type II, Model DF-HD, S# 00-12-013, Year 2000, More info & photos coming soon
PHI 3CPV End Finisher
Model 3CPV, S# 3CPV-104, 3" Capacity, Flip up safety cage, Controls: Dial in speed - Start - Emergency stop, Air operated clamp system, Storage in base, 1hp 230v 1ph, Overall Dim. 49"L x 4'W x 4' 7"H (on pallet), Est. Wt. 1,200 lbs.

PHI 3CPV End Finisher
Model 3CPV, S# 3CPV-21, 3" Capacity, Flip up safety cage, Controls: Bead cycle on/off - Dial in speed - Start - Emergency stop, Air operated clamp system, Storage in base, 1hp 230/460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 49"L x 4'W x 4' 7"H (on pallet), Est. Wt. 1,200 lbs.

Pines Vertical Production Tube Bender
Pines G.O. No. M95053, S# 44361-69503, 230/460v 3ph 60hz, Cleaned & Painted

$9,500 Sale Price $6,000 SOLD
Pines No. 1 Tube Bender
Left hand machine or counterclockwise, S#1100 68303, Cap schedule 80 pipe 1", Cap 1 1/8" solid mild steel, Semi auto, 10 position auto index stop, Pendant on stand, Hydraulic mandrel (optional), Bends up to 180° with over bend, 5hp 220/440v 3ph

$10,500 with mandrel - $9,500 without
Pines Teledyne No. 1400
Left/right hand bend, S# MCA-310, Cat No. M12090, Manual hydraulic machine 1" cap, 8 Position stop for degree of bend, 3hp 220/440v 3ph

Ridgid "141" Portable Pipe Threader
Model 141, S# B-1018, 2.5" to 4" Capacity, More info coming soon

Ridgid "400" Portable Pipe Threader
Model 400, S# 026656, Fwd/Off/ Rev Electric switch, On stand, 1/2hp 110-115v 1ph, More info coming soon

Ridgid "400" Portable Pipe Threader
Model 400, S# 401139, Fwd/Off/ Rev Electric switch, 1/2hp 110-115v 1ph, More info coming soon

Ridgid "400" Portable Pipe Threader
Model 400, Fwd/Off/ Rev Electric switch, 1/2hp 110-115v 1ph, Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

Rigid "535" Portable Pipe Threader
Model 535, Fwd/Off/ Rev Electric switch, 8" Length gage ruler on side, More info coming soon

Spego 126H-16 Bar Feeder
Model 126H-16, S# 582909, More info coming soon

Standard Machinery 4SA Swagger
Model 4SA, S# 330, 2" Center thru hole, Water line inlet, Oil bath lube system thru shaft,  4 Way belt drive w/ new belts, 7.5hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 38"L x 38"W x 58"H, Est. Wt. 2,500 lbs., Cleaned & painted

T&B Tube Cut Off Machine
Capacity 2" round, Set up for 5/8" x 3/8 " rectangle tube, Has 3 roll powered in-feed, Hydraulic powered by 15hp 208-220/440/3ph, Auto lube system, Vickers vane pump 4520V60A, Die space measures 4 5/8" wide, Missing electric control panel to run machine

TauRing Roll Bender
Model unknown, Foot pedal control, 230v 60hz, More info coming soon

TauRing ALFA 50 H2 Hydraulic Roll Bender
Model ALFA 50 H2, S# 756, Date Mfg. 1993, Control on pedestal w/ foot pedal control, Hydraulic up/down on lower rolls, Guide attachment, Auto lube system, Can be ran horizontal or vertical, 3.75kw 220v 3ph, Overall Dim. 4' 9"L x 44"W x 4' 7"H, Est. Wt. 4,500 lbs.

$19,500 SOLD

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