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Barnesdril Magnetic Coolant Separator
10"W Drum, Gear drive motor 3ph, Overall dim 24" x 36" x 30"H

Barnesdril Magnetic Coolant Separator
15.5"W x 14" Round drum, 220/440/3ph Gear drive motor

Campbell 930 CBN Creep Feed Grinder
Model 930V-30/24/24, S# 90998, GE Fanuc control series 15-M, Aluminum platform with rails and 2 enter/exit egress areas, Smog Hog mist collector mounted on top of grinder, Fire suppression system, More info coming soon

Cincinnati Monoset Grinder
Model OE, Type IV, S# 2D1C5M-24, Size 2, Yr. 1963

Cincinnati Monoset Grinders
Model OE, S# 31521C5U-71, S# 2D1C5R-35, S# 2D1C5K-33

$4,000 - $10,500 (4 in stock)
Cincinnati Monoset Grinder
S# 31521C5U-17, Work light, 480v 3ph, Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

Coburn Lens Grinder
Model 108BP, S# 208, Power feed, Diamond wheel, Coolant, For grinding convex lenses, 1hp 3,450 rpm 115v 1ph

Delta Disk Sander
Catalog No. 31-125, S# 92K9201, 115v 1ph, More info & photos coming soon
Gardner 2H30-30 Precision Double Spindle Grinder
Model 2H30-30, S# 442-3, 30" x 1-3/8" Steel wheel, 4" Max opening between 3" disc with standard hood, 3/4hp Gusher coolant pump, (2) 30hp 208-220/440v 3ph, More info coming soon

Lippmann Large 20" Slag Grinder
7.5hp 220/440v 3ph, 44" Between wheels, 2O" x 3" Wheel cap, Heavy cast iron base

Moore 1.5" Vertical Jig Grinder
Model No. 1 1/2, 10" x 16" Table, Drive motor 1/4hp 420v 3ph, Transformer on side of machine 240/480v 3ph, Overall dim. 3' 2"W x 4'FB x 7'H, Est. Wt. 1,500 lbs.

Moore No. 2 Jig Grinder
Model No. 2, S# 5747, 2/1hp 440v 3ph 60cyc, With some tooling, More info coming soon

Moore No. 2 Vertical Jig Grinder
Model No. 2, S# 5531, Variable speed spindle from 0 to 2,500 rpm, Drill chuck, 2/1hp 440v 3ph 60cyc, More info coming soon

Moore G-18 Jig Grinder
Model G-18, S# G-2904, 11" x 24" Table, Travel 11" x 18", Spindle to column ways 10", Grinding capacity 3/16" to 5", Programmable X/Y axis, Auto lube system, 0.5hp 220/440v 3ph 50/60cyc, Overall Dim. 4' 3"W x 5' 3"FB x 7' 9"H, Est. Wt. 3,700 lbs., Photos coming soon
Moore G-18 Jig Grinder
Model G-18, S# G-2949, 11" x 24" Table, Travel 11" x 18", Table top to wheel collet 2" to 18, Spindle to column ways 10", Grinding capacity 3/16" to 5", Newall 3 axis DRO, Dual work lights, 0.5hp 220/440v 3ph 50/60cyc, Overall Dim. 4' 3"W x 5' 5"FB x 8' 4"H, Est. Wt. 3,700 lbs.

Pecker Di Met Abrasive Saw/Grinder
Model 80BQ, S# 486, 3 Axis positioning table with vise, 10" Wheel capacity, 3hp 3,450 rpm 230/460v 3ph

Pratt Whitney Profile Grinder
S# M1311-333 & M1311-337, Machine has articulating head that you move along a template, Can do rounds & flats, Work length max 7", Excello grinding spindle, No. 2 morse taper holder, 1/2hp 3,450 rpm 440v 3ph

Sheffield Micro Thread & Form Grinder
Model 121, S# 2-188, Date Mfg. 1966, Acu-Rite II X-Y DRO, 8" Max swing over table, 7" Max grind wheel, 8" Max Dia. with 7" grind wheel, 4" Minimum Dia. with 7" grind wheel, 13.5" Max distance between centers, 10.5" Max length it will grind, 3,000 rpm Spindle speed, 30 Power magnification, 26" x 26" Drawing table, Oil cup lube system, With operating instruction manual, 1/3hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 5' 2"W x 3' 6"L x 5' 4"H, Est. Wt. 2,200 lbs.

$4,900 SOLD
Sheffield Micro Form Grinder
Model 122VA, S# 400906-0274, .4" x .4" x 2" Direct working range, 6" x 2" x 2" 3/8" Indirect working range, 6" Max length ground in one setting, 10" Max width of work accommodated, 4" Max length of work unrestricted, Bendix X/Y DRO on stand, 1/2hp 208-220/440v 3ph, DRO Dim. 20"L x 20"W x 4' 6"H, Overall Dim. 4' 7"L x 4' 3"W x 6'H, Est. Wt. 2,200 lbs., Photos coming soon

Standard 24" Long Tool Post Grinder for HD Lathe
24" Spindle reach, 6" Dia., 3.75hp 220/440v 3ph 1,800 rpm

 Storm Vulcan 15A Special Crankshaft Grinder
Model 15A-SP, S# 280-71, 60" Between centers, 21" Swing, 24" x 1.5" Grinding wheel, 8" 3 Jaw buck chucks, Arnold gage, Steady rest, Balancing arbor, Balancing stand, Radius gage, Coolant tank, Main motor 5hp 208-220/440v 3ph 60cyc 1,725 rpm, Work head 0.5hp 208-220/440v 3ph 60cyc 1,140 rpm, Overall Dim. 9' 5"L x 4'W x 5' 8"H (on 4"H wood blocks), Est. Wt. 8,000 lbs., Cleaned & Painted


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