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Allis Chalmers 6,000 lbs.
6,000 lbs. Capacity, Forks 40", LP

Allis Chalmers 6,000 lbs. @ 24"
Model FL60-24, S# 65208, 6,000 lbs. Capacity, 70" Mast, 98" Lift, New 48" forks, Hard tire, LP, 6cyl Engine

Allis Chalmers 4,000 lbs. Electric
Model Ace 40 A, S# 72105, 4,000 lbs. Capacity, 144" Lift, Side shift, Solid tires, 36v DC, 67" Mast, No forks, Bad battery, Needs work, Stored inside

$800 as is
Automatic 10,000 lbs. Gasoline
Model GLF100, S# G798, 10,000 lbs. Capacity, Cush rubber tires, Automatic transmission

Big Joe Walk Behind Lift 1,500 lbs.
Model 10100S, S# 27516, 1,500 lbs. Capacity, 94"H Mast, 36" x 5.5" Forks, Built in charger, 12v DC

Big Joe Walk Behind Lift 1,500 lbs.
Model 2024-A5, S# 312220, 1,500 lbs. Capacity, 94"H Mast, Load center 32", 12v Battery with built in Big Joe BAJ-12 charger, More info coming soon

Clark C80 8,000 lbs.
Side shift LP, Hard tire, S# C80-328-797, 8,000 lbs. Capacity, Automatic transmission with high low range, Power steering, 6cyl Engine

Clark Electric 2,500 lbs. & 3,500 lbs.
2,500 lbs. & 3,500 lbs. Capacity

$3,000 - $6,000 (6 in stock)
Clark LP Gas 2,000 lbs.
2,000 lbs. Capacity

$1,800 (2 in stock)
Clark LP Gas 2,500 lbs. Stand Up
2,500 lbs. Capacity, Stand up
Clark LP Gas 5,000 lbs.
Model GCX27, S# GX230-0647-7960K0F, 5,000 lbs. Capacity, 5,512 Hrs., 48" Forks, Side shift, See through mast, Weight 8,933 lbs.

Crown Walkie 3,000 lbs. Walk Behind Forklift
Model 30WRTL, S# 6A170234, 3,000 lbs. Capacity, Max lift height 120", 32"W Mast, 40"L Forks, Swing down arm with grip control handle (twist forward/Fwd. back/Rev.), Hi/Low speed switch, Lower/raise buttons, Horn, Reversing safety switch, 4 Control levers in front of arm - Power on/off - Tilt - Reach - Raise/lower, See through safety shield, Quick open battery access cover, Operations manual, 24v 12 Cell battery type LA, AC volts 120/240 1ph, Battery Mfg. Cen Electronics, Model 12W0475I1A, S# 99M14032, Overall Dim. 3' 4"W x 7' 5"L x 6'H, Est. Wt. 2,965 lbs., Photos coming soon
$3,500 SOLD
Economy Engineering Company 500 lbs. x 16' Scissor Lift
Model BC-1633, S# HJ75411, 500 lbs. Capacity, 16' Lift, 24v DC, Photos coming soon
Hyster Rotator Attachment
Type REV. APRON, Model 60, Group No. 14728

Hyster 2,000 lbs. Air Tires
2,000 lbs. Capacity
$1,750 (2 in Stock)
Hyster LP
Model H50F, S# B3D 7497 P, 9,289 Hrs., More info & photos coming soon
Hyster Electric 4,000 lbs. Solid Tires Low Profile Mast
Model J40XL, S# B168G01826K, Date Mfg. Dec. 89, 5,228 hrs., Capacity 4,000 lbs. @ 24" L.C., Low profile mast, 148" Lift, 42" Forks, Side shift, Tilt, Solid tires, Overall Dim. 135"L x 47"W x 87"H, Est. Wt. 13,375 lbs.

Hyster Electric 5,000 lbs. Solid Tires
Model E50XM-33, S# F108V05414S, Capacity 5,100 lbs., 130.5" Lift height, 42" Forks, Side shift, Tilt, Cleaned & Painted, More info coming soon

Hyster Electric 6,000 lbs. Solid Tires
Model E60XL, S# C108G08368K-8001, 228.6 hrs., Capacity 6,000 lbs. @ 24" L.C., 189" Lift, 42" Forks, Side shift, Tilt, Solid tires, Est. Wt. 12,140 lbs., More info & photos coming soon
Hyster 4,000 lbs.
4,000 lbs. Capacity, Rebuilt engine, Air tires
Hyster 12,000 lbs. Air Tires
12,000 lbs. Capacity, Air tires

Hyster 15,000 lbs. High Lift Air Tires
15,000 lbs. Capacity, High lift, Air tires

JLG 750 lbs. x 20' Hydraulic Scissor Lift
Model CM20N, S# 0208904473, 750 lbs. Capacity, 20' Lift, Max hydraulic operating pressure 2,500 psi, 24v DC, Photos coming soon
JLG 750 lbs. x 20' Hydraulic Scissor Lift
Model CM20N, S# 0208904478, 750 lbs. Capacity, 20' Lift, Max hydraulic operating pressure 2,500 psi, 24v DC, Photos coming soon
Mobil Lift White 5,000 lbs. Air Tires LP
5,000 lbs. Capacity, Air tires, LP

TCM 4,000 lbs.
Model FG23N2, S# 55602219, Date Mfg. 6/85, 4,000 lbs. Capacity, 144" Max lift height, Mast model VFM369-365S, Overall Dim. 140"L x 46"W x 92"H, Est. Wt. 7,820

T C M 8,000 lbs. Auto Trans
Model FG35N3, S# 3980168, 8,000 lbs. Capacity, 118" Max lift height, Large tires like air but not

$6,000 SOLD
Windham 6,000 lbs. Forklift
WG-WSB-2YLC, S# 1534, Date Mfg. 1988, 6,000 lbs. Capacity, Dual air tires, Side shift, 2 Stage mast, Diesel 3 cylinder industrial ford engine, Auto transmission, 828 Hours, Power steering

$5,000 as is
Yale 3,200 lbs.
Model RCF40EL4T083, S# AH092078, 3,200 lbs. Capacity, Electric 24v DC, No battery, 216" Lift, Triple mast, 36" Forks, 89" Mast

$1,000 as is
Yale 2,000 lbs. Gas
2,000 lbs. Capacity, Gas
Yale 3,950 lbs. LP Hard Tire
3,950 lbs. Capacity, Hard tires, LP
$2,900 (4 in stock)

Lift Tables

6' x 7' Scissor Lift Table
6' x 7' Table, Foot pedal control, More info coming soon

Air Operated Scissor Lift Table
Model L24644, S# 915840104, Foot pedal control, 3hp 208-230/460v 3ph, More info coming soon

Autoquip Series 35 Hydraulic 2,500 lbs. Lift Table
Series 35, Model 48S25, S# 50811, 48" Lift, 2,500 lbs. Capacity, 9" Lowered height, 57" Raised height, 36" x 72" Table, Pendant control, Raising time loaded 16 seconds, Lowering time loaded 8 seconds, Roller balls, Single cylinder internal hydraulic power unit, 1.5hp 115v 1ph, Overall Dim. 72"L x 36"W x 9"H, Est. Wt. 900 lbs.

Economy 36" x 24" 2,000 lbs. Die Lift Table
Made by Economy, Model ET, Lift min 24" max 42", Table size 36" x 24", 2 Holes in table top, On wheels

Presto Lifts 400 lbs. Electric Scissor Lift Table
400 lbs. Capacity, Foot pedal control, 115v 1ph, More info coming soon

$750 SOLD
South Worth 4,000 lbs. 10' x 4' Hydraulic Lift Table
10'L x 4'W, 4,000 lbs. Capacity, Pendant control, Rollers on table, More info coming soon



Douglas Legacy Power System 36V Charger
Model DLG3B18-1050, S# 050064525, Specs 18Y1050U3D1ZEUT, Battery type L-A, 18 Cells, AC Input 208-240/480v 30/25/13 amps 3ph 60hz, DC Output 36v 184 max amps Continuous amps CSA 147 AH 1050 (8 Hrs.)

Exide 24V Battery Charger
Model D3-12-1050B-03, S# HR84396-2-1, Rated 168amps, Volts input 208/240/416/448/480v wired 208v 3ph

General Battery 36v Charger
Model MX3-18-1050, Part No. MX3-18-1050B, S# DI128471, Type L-A, 18 Cell, 1050 Amp Hrs., 8 Hr. Charge time, Deluxe Control, AC Input 208-240/480v 31/27/14 amps 3ph 60hz, DC Output 36v 200 max amps

Gould Ferro Charger
Model GFC12-450S1, S# 3TRY-18805G, Specs 5060D-6, Battery type 1A, Cells 12, AH 381-450, 208/230/460 1ph, 21/19/9.5amps, 60hz, DC Output 30v max 9.5amps

Hobart Accu-Charger
Model 725C3-18, Spec No. N6391A, S# 290CS04330 & S# 187CS02223, DC Output Per Circuit: Battery type LA - No. Circuits 1 - No. Cells 18 - Amp Hours 601-725 in 8 hrs. - Volts 36 - Max Amps 145, AC Input: 208-240/480v 3ph 60hz - Max Amps 20.5/18/9

$1,000 each (2 in stock)
Pacific Chloride Battery 24V Charger's
Model 12V480W2B, S# 87W6613 & S# 87W6610, Ferroresant, Automatic, 208-230/460v 1ph, DC Output 24V 96amps

$650 each (2 in stock)
Yale 24v DC Battery Charger
Model 3YN1-775, S# HK43410-2-1, Input 208/240/480 1ph, Output max DC amps 153 at 24v DC, A.H. Batt 775

Yuasa Workhog ISO9000 Exide Battery Charger
Model W1-12-680, Part # W1-12-680B, S# YC29339, Batt A.H. 680, 12 Cells, Charge time 8hrs, 208/240/480/1ph 23/20/10amps 60hz 24DCV 136DC amps max


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