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Turret Lathes

Gisholt No. 3
Hardinge HC CF Turret Lathe
Model HC CF, S# 29453, Variable speed saddle, DC Drive, Built in coolant system, Cross sliding turret, 8 Station, One shot lube on saddle, 1hp 220v 3ph, More info coming soon

$4,900 SOLD
Hardinge HCT-R-CF Turret Lathe
Model HCT-R-CF, S# 30514, Variable speed saddle, DC Drive, Precision gauges on X/Y, Built in coolant system, Cross sliding turret, 8 Station, Collet closer, One shot lube on saddle, 1hp 220v 3ph, Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

Hardinge Turret Lathe
Model DV-59, S# DV-59-12158, Dovetail bed, Collet closer, Hi/Low Spindle speeds variable from 230 to 3,500 rpm, 1hp 440v 3ph 60cyc, Cleaned & painted

Herbert Turret Lathe
4.5" Thru hole, 30" Swing, 3 Jaw chuck, No. 9C-30, S# 2-1580 R, Lead screw threading, Spindle speeds 32 from 11 - 600 rpm, 2 Drop slides, 4 turret holders

Jones & Lamson No. 5
King 36" Vertical Turret Lathe
Model King 36, S# 390 2906, Date Mfg. 1953, 36" 3 Jaw table, Swing side head above/below table 40"/42", Height under rail 30", Table speeds 6.7 to 240 rpm, Feeds .003 to .500 IPR, Turret head travel left/right 48", Turret ram head travel up/down 30", 5 Position turret, Side head travel in/out 22" & up/down 26", Operators pendant, Power clamping elevation & swiveling, Motor 30hp 480v 3ph, Overall Dim. 13'W x 9' 5"L x 12' 3"H

Warner & Swasey 2A Turret Lathe
Model M 3470, Square head, S# 1468670, 4 7/8" Spindle hole, Full length threading, 18" 3 Jaw power chuck, Cross sliding turret, Taper attachment, 3 Drop slides, 40/20hp 440v 3ph

Warner & Swasey 2A
M510, Lot 165, S# 1072014, 1 Drop slide, 4 Holders 2 are multi hole, Taper attachment on apron, 4 Way tool post, 3.5" Thru hole, 15hp 2 Speed 440v 3ph

$2,000 as is
Warner & Swasey 2A
3" Spindle hole, 3 Jaw chuck, Drop slides, Turret tooling, 4 Way tool post

Warner & Swasey No. 5
M1740, S# 521720, Swing 20" x 26", 2 7/8" Thru hole, 24 Speeds from 26 to 1316, 4 Way tool post, 4 Jaw chuck, 7.5/3.75hp 220v 3ph

Warner & Swasey No. 3
15" Swing, 24" Max length, 1.75" Thru hole, Speeds from 67 to 1,480 rpm, With some tooling, 4 Way tool post, S# 659857, 2 Speed motor 5/2.5hp 220v 3ph

Warner & Swasey No. 2
$2,000 Bar feed for $750
Warner & Swasey 4A Drop Slides
Tool No. M1840, 3" Bore diameter, EA Conversion series No. EA34-26, 5" x 6.5" Bolt pattern, 6.25" Holder hole
$850 each (4 in stock)

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