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Injection Molding

Beloit Plastics Grinder
Model M-810, S# 7599 M C6315, 5hp 208-220/440v 3ph

IMS Auger/Loader
Model AGU120, S# 1200AGU1200192, 5hp 230/460/3ph on blower, Auger 1hp 230/460v 3ph

Desma Klockner Ferromatic
Vertical injection molding machine, 84 Metric tons, For thermo rubber, 30mm Screw, Injection pressure 1,500 bar, Injection volume 400 ccm, Injection plunger stroke 120mm, Opening stroke 350mm, Platen size 300mm x 400mm, Average plasticizing output 30kg/h, Extruder speed variable 20to 220, With Conair cartridge dryer model 181045 and Sterltronic temp. control heating/cooling model M8422-Ax, RO# 20-1333, Model 962.084, Die area 16" x 12", Hydraulic pump 11kw
(Dryer Unit Photo) (Photo of Machine) (Photo of Machine) (Photo of Control Panel)

J and M Laboratories Inc. DM-90 Plastics Heater
Model DM-90, S# 04123196, Anafaze MLS programmable DRO control, 1,200 watt system 240v 3ph, Overall Dim. 36'W x 42"L x 5'H, Est. Wt. 800 lbs.

Miotto CNC Extruders - 60"
Series EM.03/60K, № 1200/298.114, Capacity 60:30 L/D, Date 15-10-04, Atos Advanced Series CNC Controller, 60" Extruder, 5 Heat zones, Conair hopper/ feeder model CAML-LPL revision BAAN S# 172017, 40hp, Late model low hour machines

$39,000 (3 in stock)
Sprout Waldron 20hp Plastic Grinder
Has a 17.5" x 3/4" opening with feeder for continuous operation, 12" Exhaust tube with valve, Model PC-103-1, S# 62-1912, 17.5" Blades in grinder

Sterl Tronic Oil Heater
Model F6016-DX, S# 36279, 230v 3ph 31 amp

Model SIM 5050 A, 50 Ton, S# 121206, Date Mfg. 1995, Nice Low Hour Machine!, Was used to make CD's, 18" x 18" die area with 12" x 12" between post, Machine has unloading robot with it

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