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Grinders: Universal - O.D. - I.D.

Brown & Sharpe Micro Static OD Grinder 10" x 36"
Model 1036, S# 522-10369-12, Slant head, Auto plunge, Year 1978, Max cap 10 7/8" x 40", Variable speed work head, Electro alignment, Extra wheel hubs, Hydrostatic spindle, Wheel size up to 6.5"W x 30", 15hp 230/460v 3ph Wired 460v, Cleaned & painted

Brown & Sharpe No. 1 OD Universal 10" x 24"
Model No. 1, S# 521-1-165, 10" x 24" Capacity, Internal grinding spindle, Auto cycle, Spark out, Plunge, Overhead work light, 1.5hp Grinding head 220/440v 3ph

$8,500 Sale Price $7,000
Brown & Sharpe 814U Valumaster Universal Grinder 8" x 14"
Model 814U Valumaster, S# 525-8144-2333, 8" x 14" Capacity, 24" Between centers, Max center distance wheel to work 11.5", 4 Speed work head 128/195/325/540 rpm, Tailstock, 6 Speed table 7.7/13/24/32/54/100 IPM, Extra grinding wheels, Coolant tank & 1/4hp pump, Table motor 1/6hp, Wheel motor 1hp 460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 42"L x 54"W x 5' 2"H (on pallet), Est. Wt. 3,000 lbs.

Cincinnati 12" x 48" Filmatic Cylindrical Grinder
Model ER, S# 2U3E1Z-6, 12" x 48" Capacity, 12" Swing, 48" Between centers, Internal down type grind spindle, 12" x 1" x 5" Grinding wheel (14" max), Table swivel taper toward wheelhead 3.5"/8.5°, Swivel angle away from wheelhead 1" TPF/3°, Lower grind wheelhead swivels 90°, Upper grind wheel swivels 30°, Workhead & tailstock center tapers 9 B&S, Workhead spindle speeds from 50 to 500 rpm, Adjustable table stops, Built in coolant, Workhead & internal motor 1hp, Hydraulic pump 1hp, Main spindle motor 3hp 208-220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 13' 9"L x 5' 3"W x 5' 3"H, Est. Wt. 6,700 lbs., Photos coming soon
Cincinnati 12" x 72" Filmatic Universal Grinder
Model ER, S# 2U3F1Y-2, 12" Swing, 72" Between centers, 12" x 1" Grinding wheel, Internal grinding attachment w/3" thru hole, Motorized work head w/8" 4 jaw chuck, Built in coolant system, Service & parts list catalog, Overall Dim. 18'L x 5' 3"FB x 5' 5"H, Est. Wt. 6,000 lbs., Cleaned and painted

Cincinnati 12" x 36" Filmatic Universal Grinder
Model 12", S# 2U3D1Y-45, 12" Swing, 36" Between centers, 12" x 1" x 5" Grinding wheel, 14" Max grind wheel, Swivel range: Lower 90°, Upper 30°, 3hp Wheel head motor, No. 9 B&S Headstock & footstock spindles, Range of rotation speeds from 50 to 500 rpm, Table traverse speeds from 3 to 220 in/min, Hydraulic operated controls, Tarry dial in left end fast/slow, Traverse dial in 0 to 10 settings, Tarry dial in right fast /slow, Rapid traverse cross feed lever, Has stand electric cabinet & transformer system, 1hp Hydraulic pump, 1/4hp Coolant pump, 1hp 220/440v 3ph Drive motor, Overall Dim. 14'L x 6' 1"W x 6' 8"H (on wood skid), Est. Wt. 9,200 lbs. (on skid 11,200 lbs.), Cleaned & painted

Danobat RP-1200-CNC 12" x 42" Universal Grinder
Model RP-1200-CNC, S# 1823, Date Mfg. 04/15/98, 12" Swing, 42" Between centers, 20" x 3" Grinding wheel, Grinding wheel speeds from 500 to 1,220 rpm, Swivel table adjustable from 0 to 2" right & 0 to 8" left, Table workhead adjustable from 0 to 45° left/right, Servo drive variable speed motor on workhead, External hydraulic pump & tank, External coolant tank with filter system Est. 400 gal., Hydraulic pump 1hp 208v 3ph, Coolant pump 3.7kw 220v 3ph, 10hp 208v 3ph 60hz 75 amp, Cleaned & painted, Overall Dim.: Hydraulic tank 28"L x 18"W x 40"H, Coolant tank 4' 7"L x 38"W x 2' 3"H, Machine 15' 4"L x 5' 3"W x 5' 8"H, Est. Wt. 10,000 lbs.

Heald 273A Universal Grinder
Model 273A, Max swing 24.5", Swing inside standard chuck guard 20", Workhead swiveled 90°+ 13" swing, Angular adjustable workhead 90°, Workhead positioning slide travel 17.5", Max table travel 20", Grind stroke 16", Wheelhead cross slide travel 1.5", Hydraulic pump 1/2hp, Coolant pump 1/4hp, Workhead motor 1.5hp, Grind wheel motor 5hp, Overall Dim. 74"W x 46"L x 7'H, Est. Wt. 6,200 lbs., Photos coming soon
Heald 273A Universal Grinder
Model 273A, S# 43661, Max swing 24.5", Swing inside standard chuck guard 20", Variable work head speeds from 50 to 500 rpm, Workhead swiveled 90°+ 13" swing, Angular adjustable workhead 90°, Workhead positioning slide travel 17.5", Max table travel 20", Grind stroke 16", Wheelhead cross slide travel 1.5", Cross feed adjustment .001"/.005", Sine bar swivel attachment w/ adjustable stops, 12" 4 Jaw chuck, Red head grinder, Follow rest, Corse feed hand wheel, Hydraulic pump 1/2hp, Coolant pump 1/4hp, Workhead motor 1.5hp, Grind wheel motor 5hp, Cleaned & painted, Overall Dim. 9'W x 5' 5"L x 9' 8"H, Est. Wt. 6,200 lbs.

Landis 1R 10" x 20" Grinder
Model 1R, S# 883/25, 10" Swing, 20" Between centers, 10" x 1" x 5" Grind wheel, Hydraulic operated, Dial in traverse feed, Traverse rate, Tarry LH, Tarry RH, Plunge feed, External coolant tank, Wheel drive motor 5hp 230/460v 3ph, Hydraulic pump motor 1hp 208-230/460v 3ph, Overall shipping Dim. 6' 8"L x 5'W x 5' 4"H, Est. Wt. 6,000 lbs.

$9,500 SOLD
Landis 2R 14" x 36" Universal Grinder
Model 2R, S# 856-83, 14" Swing, 36" Between centers, 14" x 1" Grind wheel, 4" Slip slide wheel head, Upper swivel 180°, Lower 60° clockwise & 30° counter, Follow rest, Splash guards around work area, 3hp 230/460v Drive motor, 3/4hp Headstock motor, 1/4hp 208-230/460v in/out Cross feed motor, 2hp Hydraulic pump motor, Overall Dim. 12'L x 6' 4"W x 6' 8"H, Est. Wt. 8,000 lbs., Cleaned & painted

Norton 6" x 18" O. D. Grinder
S# C-19449, 20" Wheel, Hydraulic, 1/2hp Powered work head, 7.5hp 220/440, Approx 1950's machine

Okamoto OKO Hydraulic I. D. Grinder
Model IGM-1E, S# 1362, Max Dia. to be ground 3.9", Min Dia. .236", Max stroke 7.9", Max taper angle 60°, Max swing 10.6", Table travel 19.7", Variable speed table from 1.5 to 30 fpm with adjustable stops, Variable speed spindle, Hydraulic chucking, Dial in hydraulic chuck pressure, Hydraulic pump 1hp, Coolant pump 1.5hp, Workhead 1hp, Grind wheel 3hp 230/460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 4'W x 7' 7"L x 5' 5"H, Est. Wt. 4,400 lbs.

Schaudt 14" x 46" Cylindrical Grinder
S# 10751, Sony LH 31A DRO, 10hp, 20" Grinding wheel

Yam 10.5" x 23.5" Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder
Model GU27-60A, S# L67035, 10.629" Max swing over bed, 23.622" Max grinding length, 9.842" Max grinding O.D., 6 Speed motorized workhead, 120° Workhead swivel angle, 1.96 to 157.4 IPM table traverse speed, 9° CCW/4° CW table swivel, 14" x 1" x 6" Max grinding wheel, Lever tailstock, Coolant tank & pump, Hydraulic system, 5hp 220/440v 3ph Wheel head motor, Overall Dim. 104"L x 65"W x 55"H


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