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10'L x 41 5/8"W Heavy Duty T Slotted Table
10'L x 41 5/8"W x 2.25" thick steel plate on heavy duty stand, 30.5" Work height, (7) 3/4" T slots

A.T.M. Chip Spinner
S# 71-589, 1,150 rpm, 5 cu. ft., Comes with 2 baskets 26" round and 17.5"D, 10hp 208v 3ph

$5,000 Sale Price $3,900
Black & Webster Screw Driver Assembly System
Electro set model SPE, S# 656, Bowl feeder, 7" Throat, On 34"H x 21"W x 36"L table

BioHood GermFree
Model BTE-4SSC, S# 4S-15-8295, Stainless steel construction, 115v 1ph 60hz 10amp

Butterworth 3 Roll Laminating Roll
S# M10750, Rolls 24" x 6", 28.5" Between uprights, Variable pressure via air, Variable speed 1/4hp 115/220v 1ph drive

Butterworth Roll 15"W x 12" Dia. Roll
S# M11289, Max between uprights 21.5", 2hp DC Drive motor

Cincinnati 20" Standard Planer/Shaper
Model 20" Standard, S# 20780, 20" Capacity, Comes with vise, 5hp 220/440v 3ph 60cyc, Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

Climax 65 Key Mill Climax 65 Key Mill
Model 65, S# 65484, Assorted tooling, Carrying case, 110v 1ph, More info coming soon

Davis No. 5 Keyseater - 1/16" to 1.5" Capacity
Model No. 5, S# 5-270, 1/16" to 1.5" Keyway cutting capacity, 17" Max length of cut, 4.5" Stroke, 20.25" x 30" Tilting T-slotted table, 48 SPM, 12" Max height of work, 2hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 42"L x 42"W x 48"H, Est. Wt. 1,200 lbs., Cleaned & painted

$3,900 SOLD
Deimco Inc. Powder Coat Spray Booth System
Spray Booth Inside Dim. 16'L x 8'H x 4' 9.5"W, Opening top pass through tracking, 2 Spray port openings 3'W x 80"H, 5 Powder gun Gema dial-in controls Type PGC-1, 65 to 145 PSI, 6 Gema Spray nozzles, Main PSI control system, 2 Powder reclaim cabinets, 16 round filters, Main control cabinet with blower & purge system, 8 purge valves, Electric & air operated, Air gage, Adjustable valves, Fluidize bed, Transfer pump, Air inlet pipe 2"OD, Filter bleed off system

$15,000 SOLD
ENI EGR-96B Power Generator - Surface Treater
Model RS96B, S# 103, Max power output 8,000 watts, Power meter full scale 10,000 watts, Max reflected power 1,500 watts, Power requirements 208 Vac ± 8% 3ph at 80 amps max, More info coming soon

$1,950 (2 in stock)
Ferry Machine Hysteresis Testing Machine
Model G, S# 407, Date 2-15-84
Gates 3000B Power Crimper
Model PC 3000B, More info coming soon

Hendey 12" Crank Shaper
Model 12", S# 2432, 2hp 220/440v 3ph, More info coming soon

Hendey 12" Crank Shaper
Model 12", S# 3295, 8 Cutting speeds from 14 to 200 spm, 2hp 220/440v 3ph, More info coming soon

Hendey 16" Heavy Duty Crank Shaper
Model 16", S# 3143, More info coming soon

Hydraulic Slides
Made by Russell T Gilman, Model BC CM-1-L-14, S# DET-11, Slide stroke 2", Mounting surface 9" x 9", Cylinder 2 1/2" bore x 2" stroke, Overall size 22"L x 12"W x 6.5"H

$150 each (3 in stock)
J. H. Day 3 Roll Rolling Mill
S# 66617, 5" Dia. Rolls, Capacity 11.5"W, More info coming soon

Kabar 15000PS 15kw RF Heat Sealer
Model 15000PS, S# 15K434, Upper platen 30"W x 23"D x 1.25"H, Adjustable depth stop, Work area 4'W x 30"D, Preseal timer, Seal timer, Cool timer, Parts counter, Dial in arc sensitivity, Plate current gauge, Grid current gauge, 15kw Output, Freq. MC. 27.12, Input 220v 3ph, 72 Amps per phase, Overall Dim. 5' 5"L x 4'W x 83"H, Est. Wt. 2,500 lbs., Photos coming soon
Lepel Induction Heat Treat Station
For shafts to 72" long, Station for up to 72" long shaft, Variable speed shaft rotation

Letter Sets For Engraving Machines
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Light Curtain 12" Set
Model MGE1216A, S# E1201769, Made by Banner with control box, Model MGCA-4A, Supply power 115v 1ph

Marsh Ink Jet Printers
Model LCP-1, 3 Heads: (2) 4" heads & (1) 1.5" head with electric eyes, Pendant control keyboard for programming in dot size - width - etc.., One is set up on conveyor with two heads, The other is setup on a stand to go over a conveyor, Operation/Maintenance manuals included

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Miles S05 Rabbit Broach
Model SMF129-5C, S# 156427, Tilting index table, Built in coolant, 7.5hp 208-230/460v 3ph, More info coming soon

Miotto CNC Extruder - 60:30 L/D
Series EM.03/60K, No. 1200/298.114, Capacity 60:30 L/D, Date 15-10-04, Atos Advanced Series CNC Controller, Conair hopper/ feeder model CAML-LPL revision BAAN S# 172017, 5 Heat zones, Base model machine goes for $160,000 new, CNC Package goes for $75,000 new, Conair Feeder goes for $10,000 new, 30hp 220/440v 3ph

$45,000 Sale Price $39,000 (3 in stock) Like New
Mitts & Merril No. 2 Key Seater
Model No. 2, S# B 24852, Cuts up to 1.25" x 12" key, With 34 cutters/tooling, 2hp 220/440v

Mitts & Merril No. 2 Key Seater
Model No. 2, S# B 21335, Cuts up to 1.25" x 12" key, With tooling, Auto infeed, Loaded with tooling, Great starter machine, 2hp 550v 3ph, More info coming soon

Mitts & Merril No 2 Key Seater
Model No. 2, Cat. No 801, Capacity 1.25" x 12", 2hp 440v 3ph

Nordson Flexi Coat Powder Coating System
Sure Coat gun control, More info coming soon

Nordson Versa Coat Poly Downdraft Paint Booth w/ Variable Speed Drive
Dimensions: 10'H x 7'W x 22.5'L with 63" x 33" Opening, Nordson NRP100 rotary sieve, (2) Z-Axis gun movers, (8) Onoda Ionics GX506N auto paint guns, (2) Parker Ionics manual paint guns, (1) Onoda Ionics GX5000M auto gun control panel with 8 GX305 control Modules, (1) Onoda Ionics GX304 manual control module, (1) Onoda Ionics GX305 manual control module, (2518)
$12,000 SOLD
Nordson Versa Coat Poly Downdraft Paint Booth
Dimensions: 10'H x 7'W x 22.5'L with 63" x 33" Opening, Nordson NRP100 rotary sieve, (2) Z-Axis gun movers, (6) Onoda Ionics GX506N auto paint guns, (2) Parker Ionics GX121 manual paint guns, (1) Parker Ionics auto gun control panel with 6 GX305 control Modules, (1) Onoda Ionics GX304 manual control module, (2) Onoda Ionics GX305 manual control module, (2519)

$7,500 SOLD
Parker Hannifin 30 Ton Hose Crimper
Parkrimp 1, Model 80C-080, S# 002457, 30 Ton capacity, for hoses 1/4" to 1-1/4", 1.5hp 115/230v 1ph 60hz power unit, Overall Dim. 26"W x 19.5"D x 24.25"H, Est. Wt. 275 lbs. with power unit

$2,700 SOLD
6' Reactor Chamber ASME
Made by Felker Bros Corp. Marshfield WI, S# 88-580820, Max allow pressure 100& FV PSI, Max allow temp 300°F -25°F, Made of stainless steel, Approx. 12" round and 6' high

Robot Arm E Mat Light Load Robot
Model MLR-30, S# MR-010, New in 87, With controls/input panel, Requires air, Last user said he moved 70 lb. parts with it

Robotron 8000 Induction Heater
Model 800-0-0017-01, S# C053742-02, Date Mfg. 9/97, 480v 3ph 60hz, More info coming soon

$1,500 (2 in stock)
Rockford Hydraulic Planer/Shaper
S# 66-0G-57, 32" x 90" Table, 36" Cap under arm, 36" Travel on arm, Side head, 18" Swivel base vise with 21" opening, Table clamps, 20hp 1,170 rpm 220/440v 3ph

Secc Roll Up Ender
For standing up large Rolls of material or laying them down, 6,000 lbs. Capacity, Arms are 25" wide x 73"H, Conveyor width 50", In-feed conveyor 99" long, All powered, PLC Control, New in 1997

SEM 1012 Heavy Duty Cutter/Paper Shredder w/ Dust Collector
Model 1012, S# 97J00867, 10" x 12" Opening, Aget Dustkop dust collector model 5620-D1-SP S# 17645, Main motor 10hp 230/460v 3ph, Collector motor .33hp 115/208-230v 1ph, More info coming soon

Shackles - 5 Sets - 2" & 2.5"
1 Set of Washington Chain 2.5", 1 Set of Brosby 2.5", 2 Sets of BTC USA 2.5", 1 Set of 3 made in China 2"

Spray Booth
Custom enclosure 49" x 37" x 36" entry, Exit 8" x 18" can be enlarged, 20' Of loading tracks, Bar gauges and modern exhaust system
STC Universal ID Ceramic Slicer
Manufacturer: Silicon Tech Corp., Model 22-UNIV, S# 1491, Ultra precision heavy duty cartridge type spindle drive, Flat belt driven, Variable speed to 1,750 rpm, Hydraulic feed, Cutting variable speed up to 5" per min, Return variable speed up to 30" per min, Parallelism repeatability cut stroke .0002", Overall dim. 5' 5"L x 3' 8"W x 6'H, Est. Wt. 2,500 lbs.

Sweco Powder coat mill
Separator model 518c53, S# LS-18378-22, for breaking down the powder for powder coat painting, 115v 1ph

Tank Heat Exchange
Made to heat up liquid in vats/tanks, Stainless steel, Steam pressure valve, Approx. 2" OD pipes going in/out of it, Heat exchange measures 47" round x 21"H

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Temescal Simba 2 Induction Heater
Model Simba 2, S# 133, Boustead control system, Date Mfg. 3/21/91, Heating wand, Schematics/Manual 0101-8234-2, Part # 0040-3620-1, 208vac 3ph 70amps 50/60hz

United Silicone UP300 Series 12 Station Dual Pad Printer
Model UP300, S# 300101018, Cycle capacity 1,800 cycles/Hr., Electro pneumatic drive, 70 psi Air supply adjustable dial in gage, Air consumption 4 cu. ft./min, Programmable read out system, 12 Station indexing turret, Dual indexing upper station, Dual lower station, Variable speed, 120v 1ph, Overall Dim. 5'L x 3' 5"W x 5' 1"H, Est. Wt. 450 lbs.

$4,500 SOLD
United Silicone UP323 Series Pad Printer
Model UP323, S# P PCB 1099 290, Programmable touch screen display, Dial in pad retract/pad extended/pad up/down, Dual index turrets & pad holders, Adjustable air gauge from 0 to 160 psi, Dial in X/Y support table, Unit mounted on heavy duty table, 120v 1ph, Overall Dim. 4'L x 42"W x 5' 2"H, Est. Wt. 830 lbs.

United Silicone UP500 Series Pad Printer
Model UP500S, S# 500602052, Upper table work area 14"W x 13"L, In/out & cross adjustments 0 to 9 settings, 2 Rotation systems over table, Lower work table with 4 T-slots 16.75"W x 17"L, Up/down hand wheel adjustment, Digital DRO, Dial in air pressure gauge 0 to 160 psi, Dial in pad retract/pad ex./pad down/up, Has keyed storage cabinet in base, On cart with casters, 120v 1ph 50-60hz 6amps, Overall Dim. 5'L x 3' 3"W x 6' 6"H, Est. Wt. 1,200 lbs.

Waterbury Farrel 1/8" Headmaster
S# 180436-71, Cold header, Variable speed, Auto in feed, Auto lube system, 3hp 220/440v 3ph

Webex Roll Rewinder
S# WX9020, 52" Width, This unit came with up ender above, For rewinding rolls of paper/material, On wheels, 2 Extra spindles 40" x 15.5" Dia., 2 Upper rolls are 40" long, With one box contents ? from factory where machine is made, 2hp DC 180v motor drive, With controls


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