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Hoston Hoston Machining Centers "New"
We are an authorized dealer for Hoston machine tools, Click on the Icon to the left or the link below to view their Vertical Machining Centers. Contact us for options and current pricing.
Hoston Machining Centers
Chiron 4 axis CNC Vert. Machining Center
Model FZ-12-W/FZ18, S# 469-17, Date Mfg. 1996, Capacity: (X)21.619"/549.1mm - (Y)15.792"/401.1mm - (Z)16.700"/424.2mm, 10,000 rpm, 15.700" x 21.600" Rotary index table, Tooling C-40 taper, 20 Station auto tool changer, GE Fanuc series O-M 4 Axis programmable control, DRO + ATAM-4000 System with R-32 port, Chip conveyor & coolant tank system, 3hp 230/460v 3ph Hydraulic pump, Machine 240/480v (wired 480v) 3ph, Machine Dim. 78"W x 126"L x 120"H, Conveyor & coolant system Dim. (L shaped) 6' 9"W x 10'L x 5'H

Fadal VMC 4020 CNC Vertical Machining Center
Model 917 VMC 4020 AHT, S# 9907006, Date Mfg. 1999, Tool capacity 21, Fadal 88HS CNC control, 42" x 20" Table, Max table workload 3,641 lbs., 20" Vertical travel, 40" Long travel, 20" Cross travel, 15hp 230/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 116"W x 87"L x 104"H, Est. Wt. 10,500 lbs., Photos coming soon
Fadal VMC 6030 CNC Vertical Machining Center
Model 907 VMC 6030HT, S# 9803728, Date Mfg. 1998, Table 62.5" x 30", Table travel 60" x 30" x 20", New spindle & AC Vector drive installed, Spindle taper CT-40, Spindle RPM 10,000, Tool capacity 30, Fadal CNC 88 HS Programmable control, Hydro Sweep chip removal system attached to coolant tanks est. 150 Gal. capacity, Pump motors 1/4hp & 3hp, Bijur auto lube system, 30/22.5hp 230/440v 3ph 60hz 45/22.5 amp, Overall Dim. 13' 8"W x 9'L x 11'H (on 4"H blocks), Est. Wt. 17,000 lbs.

$29,500 SOLD
HAAS HS-1 CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Model HS-1, S# 50180, Date Mfg. 08/96, Tool capacity 24, HAAS Automation rotary table, 15hp 360/480v 3ph, More info & photos coming soon
Haas MDC-500 CNC Vertical Mill - 20" x 12.75"
Model MDC-500, S# 44781, Date Mfg. 11/05, 20" x 12.75" Table, Travel: X/Y/Z 20"/14"/20", Spindle speeds to 7,500, Cat 40 spindle, 2 Pallet machine, Overall Dim. 130"L x 134"W x 113"H, Est. Wt. 16,000 lbs., 20hp 208/230v 3ph

Hurco BMC 2416 Machining Center
Model BMC2416/DSM, S# V10010332, Date Mfg. 01/29/2000, Tool capacity 24, Max spindle speed 8,000 rpm, 15hp 360/480v 3ph, More info coming soon

LeBlond Makino 4 Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Model MC65-A40, S# 578, Date Mfg. Jan. 29 1986, 4 Axis CNC, 15hp 480v 3ph 100amp 60cyc, More info coming soon

LMC Work Holding 12.5" 3 Jaw Chuck
Type ZKP245-120-30-01H 18482, Came off a HAAS ST-35 Lathe, 12.5" 3 Jaw chuck, More info coming soon

Machining Systems HMC 200 Machining Center
Model HMC 200, Capacity: X 120" - Y 58" - Z 64", 76 Tool capacity, 4 Pallet changer, $32,000 Worth of spare parts included, check the link below for the full list (excel file)

$59,900 Sale Price $39,900
Mori Seiki MH-63 Horizontal CNC Machining Center
Model MH-63, S# 719, Date Mfg. 06/96, Capacity: X 39.36" - Y 41.3" - Z 36.20", 60 Auto tool changer, 2 Pallet changer, Pallet size 24.8" x 24.8", Pallet load capacity 3,300 lbs., Pallet indexing 1 degree, Spindle speeds from 60 to 6,000 rpm, Spindle taper #50, Max tool weight 66 lbs., Max tool length 19.76", Thru tool coolant, Chip conveyor, 40hp Spindle motor, 220v 3ph, Overall Dim. 206"W x 126"L x 127"H, Est. Wt. 41,800 lbs.

$27,500 SOLD
Mori Seiki MV-55/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center
Model MV-55/50, S# 2193, Date Mfg. 2000, YASNAC MX2 Installed new, Spindle taper Cat 50, 55" x 21.7" Table, Max table load 2,500 lbs., Spindle nose to table 7.9" - 29.9", X Axis travel 41.3", Y Axis travel 21.7", Z Axis travel 22", Rapid traverse X/Y 590 ipm, Rapid traverse Z 472 ipm, Cutting feed rate 0.1 - 196 ipm, Spindle speeds from 60 to 6,000 rpm, 30hp 2 Speed motor, Tool changer capacity 30 tool 3 sec., Overall Dim. 140" x 143" x 120", Est. Wt. 22,000 lbs.

$17,500 SOLD
Precision Vacuum Table Chuck - 40.5" x 30"
40.5"W x 30"L Precision vacuum chuck, Vacuum pattern 38.5"W x 28"L

Takisawa MC-Compo Machining Center
Model MAC-V2E, S# TMTN-5087, Date Mfg. Nov 1985, 208v 3ph 60hz

$10,500 Sale Price $5,500

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