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Coil Feeders - Straighteners

Air Feeds Inc. Feeder Straightener
Model AF 3, S# 780234, 18" x 18" Capacity

Cooper Weymouth 12B - 12" x .125"
Model 12B, S# 051874-1, 12" Width, Mild steel thickness .125", Machine direction L-R, Speed 1,200 ipm, Pass line 40", 208v 3ph 60hz, More info & photos coming soon
Custom Feeder Straightener
8" x 3.5" Diameter rolls, Approx. 1/8" capacity, Hydraulic powered variable speed

Durant Tool Star Chopper
3" Wide cap x .065, 120 SPM, Model 100-15, S# 2392 & S# 2391, 1/3hp 230/460/3ph, Overall length is 20" x 8"H

$400 each
Eubanks Engineering Co. Wire Markers
Model 67200-03, S# 194-682 & S# 395-723, Wire sizes 0.035" to 0.250" O.D., 115v 6amp 50/60cyc, Artos Engineering Co. Pre-Feeder, Model PF-1, S# 43860, Photos coming soon
Feed Lease Systems Feeder Straightener
Model FL5-36-36LH, S# 2180, Date Mfg. 1981, 36" x 10ga, 36" Stroke on air feeder, Air operated

FJ Littell Feeder Straightener
S# A50004-53, 9" Max width x 1.75" rolls, Variable speed, 1hp 220/440v 3ph

FJ Littell No. 312 Continuous Straightener - .060" x 12"
Model No. 312, S# 78896-71, Code No. 312-5PD, Capacity .060" x 12", Speed from 10" to 60" per minute, Variable speed drive, More info coming soon

Hydraulic Up Ender
Capacity approx. 10,000 lbs., Unknown make, Hydraulic

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Labahn Feeder Straightener
S# 512MC, 12.5" Max width x 3" diameter rolls, Variable speed, 1.5hp 220/440v 3ph

ROII Uncoiler Feeder Straightener
Model LOC06HB2NBX-EAS, S# KHP 7081, Thickness capacity 0.3 to 4.5mm, Width capacity 100 to 600mm, ID Range 508mm, ID Max 1,400mm, Weight max 3,000 kgf, Line speed max 20 m/min, Pass line 1,220mm, 220v 3ph 60hz, Motor capacity; Leveler 3.7kw, Uncoiler for shaft drive 1.5kw, More info coming soon

PRE Press Room Equipment Feeder Straightener
Model PMS-1830-7DC-7DC5-JISDCD, Date Mfg. 1999, 20" Max width x .025 to .156, Variable speed vector drives

Raster Feeder Straightener Leveler
Model 18.120/19, S# 90287, Date Mfg. 1985, Max width 5", Controls: Manual - Automatic - Forward - Stop - Reverse - Strip take off - Overload - Oil check light - Emergency stop, Variable speed dial from 0 to 100, Made in Germany, 480v 3ph 60hz

RO Deaderick Coil Feed Cradle
8" x 36" x 1/8", 800 lbs. capacity
Rowe A10-C2000
10" x .20"
Rowe A-13 13" x .080"
Model A-13, S# 3590, 13" x .080", Min. Thickness .020" mild steel, Max. Thickness .080" mild steel, Hand wheel depth adjustment, Hand wheel speed adjustment, Fwd/Off/Rev Switch, Grease fitting lube system, 1hp 220/440v 3ph, Mounted on 9"H platform, Overall Dim. 3' 2"L x 2' 7"W x 4' 11"H (on 4"H pallet), Est. Wt. 1,400 lbs.

Rowe A13 13" x .080"
Model A13-080, S# 5479, 13" x .080", Min. Thickness .015" mild steel, Max. Thickness .080" mild steel

Rowe R-20-TC 20" x .065"
Model R-20-TC, S# 18598, Pendant control, Capacity 20" x .065", Min. Thickness .020" mild steel, Max. Thickness .065" mild steel, More info coming soon

Rowe Coil Cradles
Model 820, S# 16617, 1ph Motorized, 1,200 lbs., 20"W x 36" O.D.

Rowe Coil Cradle & Straightener
Model 210-J-PR, S# 13519, Capacity 2,000 lbs., Max O.D. 40", Manual cross adjustment, Air over chain drive infeed, Air pump over belt pulley speed system, Air operated auto adjustable bar stop system, Steel frame construction, Overall Dim. 5'L x 28"W x 42"H, Est. Wt. 450 lbs., Photos coming soon
Rowe Coil Cradles
Model 2010-J-PR, S# 13098, S# 12931, Air motorized, 2,000 lbs., Max O.D. 40" x 10.5"W

$650 each (5 in Stock)
Rowe Coil Cradles
1ph Motorized, 1,200 lbs., 12" W x 36" O.D.

Rowe Coil Cradle Feeder Straightener
Model A10-C2006-J, S# 18300, Max coil weight 2,000 lbs., Max coil OD 40", Stock width 10", Max thickness in mild steel .105", Min. .020", Standard feed rate 25 to 75 FPM, Dial in clutch adjustment, 1.5hp 230/460v 3ph 60hz, Overall Dim. 8'L x 3'W x 5' 10"H (on 4"H wood blocks), Est. Wt. 2,500 lbs.

Rowe FTCB-15
Model FTCB-15, S# 1421, 15" x .125" Mild steel capacity

Rowe R10
Model R10, S# 7486, Capacity 10" x .125", Needs work

Rowe S20-TC
Model S20-TC, Capacity 20" x .105"
Secc Roll Up Ender
For standing up large Rolls of material or laying them down, 6,000 lbs. capacity, Arms are 25" wide x 73"H, Conveyor width 50", In-feed conveyor 99" long, All powered, PLC Control, New in 1997

Webex Roll Rewinder
S# wx9020, 52" Width, This unit came with up ender above, For rewinding rolls of paper/material, On wheels, 2 Extra spindles 40" x 15.5" Dia., 2 Upper rolls are 40" long, With one box contents ? from factory where machine is made, 2hp DC 180v motor drive, With controls


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