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Grinders - Centerless

Bryant/Van Norman Centerless Grinder
Model 3, S# H-15677, Auto/manual hydraulic dressing on both wheels, Auto lube system, Extra grinding wheel holders, More info coming soon

$12,000 SOLD
Cincinnati No. 2 Centerless Grinder
Model LO, S# 2M2H5D-147-R-76, 460v 3ph 60hz, Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

$14,000 Sale Price $12,500 SOLD
Cincinnati CNC Centerless Grinder
S# 2M1H5H-11 Allen Bradley series 9 Control, Allen Bradley drives and servo motors updated in 1995

$19,500 Sale Price $18,500
Cincinnati CNC Centerless Grinder
S# 2M2H1U-2 Allen Bradley series 9 control, Allen Bradley drives and servo motors updated in 1995, 20hp 230/460v 3ph Main grinding wheel motor

$19,500 Sale Price $18,500
Cincinnati Centerless Grinder
Model LM, S# 1M1H5F-20
Cincinnati Milacron 4.5" 220-8 DE Centerless Grinders
Model DE, S# 2M8H5R-87-R-79 & S# 2M8H5R-64-R-79, Rebuilt by Smith-Renaud INC., 1/16" to 4.5" Capacity, Max Dia. grinding wheel 24", Hole size 12", Max Dia. regulating wheel 14", Hole size 6", Sony X DRO, AC Tech MC Series Intelligent Drive, Versa III Auto lube system, 20hp 230v 3ph 60hz, Est. Wt. 22,250 lbs., More info & photos coming soon
$25,000 (2 in stock)
Ghiringhelli Centerless Grinder
Model M12 SP/600, S# 008.6.84, Date Mfg. 1984, Capacity .078" to 4", Programmable X-Y DRO, Grinding Wheels 12" x 12", Thru rest 51", Support rest 31", Comes with instruction manual, Parts manual & blue prints, Fully supported by Technologies Inc., 40hp 480v 3ph 60hz, Overall dim. of machine 12'L x 5' 10"W x 6' 6"H, Main control cabinet 5' 4"W x 2' 7"FB x 6' 10"H, Hydraulic pump 2' 6"W x 2'FB x 3' 8"H, Coolant tank 3' 4"W x 5'FB x 2' 10"H, Est. shipping weight 17,860 lbs., Cleaned & painted

Van Norman 2C Centerless Grinders
Model 2C, (3 machines in Stock) S# 2C-2425-765, S# 2C-2426-765, S# 2C-2554-670, Cleaned and painted

$8,000 each (3 in stock)
Van Norman Diversimatic No. 1 Centerless Grinder
Model No 1, S# 2521-63, 1.25" Capacity, 14" x 4" Max grind wheel, 12" x 4" Grind wheel installed, 6" x 4" Regulating wheel, 12" Cross support, Main spindle 1,600 rpm, Variable speed drive on regulating wheel 35 to 350 rpm, Dial in truing on both wheels, Main motor 5hp 220/440v 3ph, Regulating motor 1/4hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 5' 3"L x 3' 3"W x 5'H, Est. Wt. 2,800 lbs., Cleaned & painted

$4,900 SOLD

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