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Hoston Hoston Presses "New"
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Hoston Presses
Baileigh Presses "New"
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(Baileigh Presses)
Acme Broach Horizontal 8 Ton
8' Stroke, Model 990, S# 142, 5hp 220/440v 3ph

Advanced Hydraulics Inc. 100 Ton Hydraulic Press
Model CS-100, S#'s 1003 & 1004, Capacity 100 ton, Max pressure 2,550 psi, 24" x 8'W Table, 6" Dia. Cylinder w/ 1.75" threaded hole, Est. 14" travel, 14" Throat depth, Adjustable auto top stop micro switches, Dial in hydraulic pressure, 0 to 3,000 psi pressure gage, Vickers hydraulic pump & pressure valves, Est. 100 Gal. hydraulic tank, Heavy steel frame construction, 5hp 208-220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 8'W x 5' 6"L x 8' 2"H, Est. Wt. 9,000 lbs.

$12,000 (2 in stock)
Air-Hydraulics C400A Press
Model C400A, S# 7493, Palm button controls, More info coming soon

Application Engineering Platen Heaters
Model TDW-1, Digital, Max degree 250, 440v 24amp, We have (2) 7.5hp and (2) 1hp units (4 in stock)

$1,200 each
Carolina 50 Ton H Frame Press
Model CBP 1200, S# 5251 NM, 50 Ton capacity, 27.5" Between housings, 1.75" Hydraulic cylinder, Est. Travel 6", Hydraulic operated, Adjustable cross frame w/ steel pins, Overall Dim. 42"L x 36"W x 6' 4"H, Est. Wt. 600 lbs.

Centrol Eng.\Hannifin 100 Ton 4 Post Hydraulic Press
Model M518-00, Date Mfg. 97-98, Manufactured by Centrol Engineering, Designed by Hannifin, 100 Ton capacity, 4 Post down acting, Platen size 40"W x 21.5" between posts, Shut height & stroke 18", 5" Dia. Hydraulic cylinder, 4" Dia. Posts, Safety light curtains, Allen Bradley programmable control, DTAM Micro DRO, Tapered drop bins on both sides of press (28"W x 29.5"L w/ 12" x 12" opening in bottom of bins), After cooler system, Est. 100 Gal. hydraulic tank, Hydraulic pump 15hp 230/460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 9' 9"L x 6'W x 8' 8"H, Est. Wt. 19,000 lbs., Photos coming soon
35,000 Each (4 in stock)
Continental 60 Ton Down Acting Hydraulic Press
Model C-60, S# 715, Capacity 60 ton, High speed 120 SPM at 1" stroke, STI Light curtains, Ram size 22" x 16" T slotted and guided for stamping, Size between uprights 18 1/8" x 18", Lower bed over all size 24" x 40", Palm buttons with inch and single stroke controls, 11.5" Approx. max daylight under ram, Stroke 6" adjustable, 5 5/8" Shut height, Allen Bradley PLC controller, Machine good for Drawing coining or blanking work, 25hp 230/460v 3ph

$12,500 Sale Price $11,500
Custom 3 Ton Air Press
With inline Punch setup, With foot switch and hand button controls, Air valve, Machine has 64 - 1/4" punches staggered in two lines with total length of 16" witch can be removed to put different die in machine, Machine was used to punch plastic film, Max daylight in die area is 3.75" with die out, Max width between post is 18", Ram is guided, Piston size is 8", Approx. max stroke is 2", Mounted on 15" x 37" x 34"H steel table

Custom 1 Ton Air Press
11" x 9" x 3.5" Daylight adjustable to 9.5", 5" x 8" Heated platens with adjustable control to 550°, 4" Dia. cylinder with material feeder, Air palm buttons, 3" Approx. stroke

Custom 400 Ton Hydraulic Press
400 Ton capacity, 5' x 5' 10" Platen, Max shut height 36", (5) 4.5" Dia. Hydraulic cylinders, 2.25" Steel guide rod, (2) Hydraulic tanks on stand that mount to top of machine, Tank Dim. 15.75"W x 40"L x 25"H, 4" Dia. inlet pipes to tank, Separate control station with Allen Bradley Panel View 300 Programmable control, Upper pump drive motor 25hp, Lower pump drive motor 50hp, Heavy duty steel frame construction, Control station Dim. 5' 4"L x 8' 2"W x 10'H, Press Overall Dim. 5' 5"L x 9'W x 115' 7"H, Est. Total weight 40,000 lbs.

Dake Dura-Press Force 10 - 10 Ton H Frame Press
Model Force 10, S# 0390, 10 Ton capacity, More info coming soon

Dake Up Acting 50 Ton
Roll out tables, w/Heat 16" x 15"

$2,800 (3 in stock)
Denison 1 Ton Multi Press
Model A, S# 3597, 1 Ton capacity, 3/4hp 115v 1ph, More info coming soon

Denison 4 Ton Hydraulic Press
4 Ton capacity, More info & photos coming soon
Denison 8 Ton Multi Press
Model FD2C04A59C23C62A54, S# 13790-S06-T11, 8 Ton capacity, 22" x 14" Bed, 8.5" Throat, 12" Stroke, 2.25" Dia. cylinder, 18" Daylight, 6"W x 10"L Open gap in bed, Built in hydraulic tank, 7.5hp 220/440v 3ph (wired 480v), Overall Dim. 3' 9"L x 26"W x 4' 11"H, Est. Wt. 2,000 lbs.

Denison 8 Ton Multi Press
Model FH8C57D42, S# 16260, 8 Ton capacity, 16.75" Round platen w/ 2.5" thru hole, 3.25" Cylinder bore, 18" Stroke, 2" Dia. Ram, 36" Daylight, 12" Throat, Built in hydraulic tank 35 gal, 7.5hp 208-220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 39.5"L x 21"W x 8'H (on pallet)

Denison 8 Ton Multi Press
Model M8C04A72A68S06A35C42, S# 4007 C31T08 P9, 8 Ton capacity, 7.5hp 220/440v 3ph, More info coming soon

Denison 8 Ton Multi Press
Model S087LC261C221D267A59S206, S# 21802, Date Mfg. 6/27/69, 8 Ton capacity, 3.25" Cylinder bore, 12" Stroke, 18" Daylight, 7" Throat, 2.25" Ram Dia., 7.5"W x 11"L Gap in frame, Manual adjustable depth stop, Dual trip levers, Air optional foot pedal, 20 Gal tank capacity, Pressure gauge 0 to 3,000 psi (max 1,930 psi), 7.5hp 230v 3ph, Overall Dim. 3' 6"L x 36"W x 80"H, Est. Wt. 1,500 lbs.

Denison 25 Ton
With 50 ton frame, 20" x 20" Bed with a 4.75" x 12" slot, 16" x 22" x 1.5" Bolster plate with 5" round hole, 14"Stroke, 12" x 14" x 2" Flanged ram, Palm buttons, 15hp 220/440v 3ph

$11,000 Sale Price $9,500
Denison 35 Ton Hydraulic Multipress
35 Ton capacity, 24"L x 34" T slotted die shoes, Guided ram, Safety latch on die shoe, Updated electrics & palm button controls, Single/Jog, Adjustable stroke via micro switches, Heat exchanger, Updated valves & motor, 15hp 208-230/460v 3ph (wired 460v), Cleaned & painted, More info coming soon

Enerpac 15/30 H Frame Press
Model no tags, 15/30 Ton capacity, No power unit, Manually operated, More info coming soon

Fanco 40 Ton H Frame Hydraulic Press
Model H40-7, S# VN2482066, 40 Ton capacity, More info & photos coming soon
GPI BCB 2000 Baler
Model BCB 2000, S# BCB-127, Door opening 24" x 10", Inside dim 36"H x 24"W x 16"D, Approx. 32" stroke, 2hp 208-230/460v 3ph

Greenerd H-56-D 4 Ton C Frame Press
Model H-56-D, S# 2219, 4 Ton capacity, 16" Stroke, Throat depth frame to ram 5", 2" Dia. Cylinder, Updated controls, Hand/foot operated, Updated hydraulic system, Dial in pressure gauge from 0 to 3,000 psi, Drive motor 5hp 220/440v 3ph (wired 440v), Overall Dim. 3' 7"L x 3' 3"W x 6' 8"H, Est. Wt. 1,550 lbs., Mounted on tube steel platform

Greenerd H-35-35LS 35 Ton C Frame Press
Model H-35-35LS, S# 66K8042, Date Mfg. 4/20/67, 35 Ton capacity, Palm button controls, Parts counter, 10hp 208-220/440v 3ph (wired 480v), More info coming soon

Haeger 6 Ton Hydraulic Insertion Press
Model HP6-C, S# 2192, 6 Ton capacity, 8.5" Stroke, 18" Throat depth, Foot pedal control, Storage cabinet on side of machine, Overall Dim. 3' 3"L x 32"W x 7' 5"H, Est. Wt. 800 lbs.

Hastings Manufacturing Heated Hydraulic Press
Model 301 T RL, S# 1105921, CTC Parker Automation touch screen control, Heated platens, 480v 3ph 75 amps, More info coming soon

Herman Schwabe 25 Ton Down Acting Die Cutting Press
Model G, S# 60161, 25 Ton capacity, 100" x 34" Bed, Ram size 34" x 28", 6" stroke on ram, Adjustable bed height 6" approx. and is powered, Head left and right is powered, 5hp 220/440v 3ph wired 220 volt

Hot Press Est. 20 Ton - 3 Post
3 Post design with adjustable daylight down to 1", 12" x 12" Heated platens, Max daylight with platens is 8.5" with out its 16", Cylinder is approx. 7" Dia., Stroke est. 6", Post Dia. is 1.5", 2hp 220/440v 3ph Pump

K.R. Wilson 50 Ton Hydraulic H Frame
Model 37EMD-4, S# 1190, Date Mfg. 05/09/63, 50 Ton capacity, Est. Hydraulic cylinder travel 12", 2.5" Round cylinder with 3.25" Steel cap on end, 30" Between columns, 7" Gap between 9.25" cross frame, Adjustable height, Hand crank pulley w/ steel cable attached & pull out steel pins, Switch box motor starter, 7.5hp 208-220/440v 3ph Hydraulic pump system, Overall Dim. 4' 8"W x 30" L x 6' 10"H, Est. Wt. 1,400 lbs., Cleaned & painted

K.R. Wilson 37G 60 Ton Hydraulic H Frame
Model 37G, S# 2406, 60 Ton capacity, Est. Hydraulic cylinder travel 6.75", 2.25" Round cylinder, 36" Between columns, 7" Gap between 9.25" cross frame, Adjustable height, Hand crank pulley w/ steel cable attached & pull out steel pins, (2) 2 Way V notched steel support blocks, Switch box motor starter, 1hp 220v 3ph, Overall Dim. 32"W x 6' 4" L x 7' 2"H, Est. Wt. 1,420 lbs., Photos coming soon
K.R. Wilson 37GM 60 Ton Hydraulic H Frame
Model 37GM, S# 2675, 60 Ton capacity, Est. Hydraulic cylinder travel 12", 2.25" Round cylinder, 45" Between columns, Width of cross frame 9", Adjustable height, Hand crank pulley w/ steel cable attached & pull out steel pins, (2) Pressure gauges 0-2,000 & 0-10,000, Overall Dim. 5' 1"L x 2' 6"W x 7' 2"H, Est. Wt. 1,200 lbs., Photos coming soon
Lempco 150 Ton Hydraulic H Frame
Model EH 150, S# 223, 150 Ton capacity, 3.25" Dia. cylinder, Est. cylinder travel 18", Roller head. Hand crank table lift, 2" Dia. steel stop pins w/ 5 settings, 47.5" Between housing, 12 Gal. hydraulic tank capacity, 10hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 6' 2"L x 4' 6"W x 8' 3"H, Est. Wt. 4,500 lbs.

$9,000 SOLD
Loomis S.O. 8805 Isostatic Chamber Presses
Model S.O. 8805, Hydraulic operated, 24" Cylinder travel, Round press chamber 18"W x 40"H, Hydraulic work head 12" Dia. x 15"D, Sensotec control model 4500, Main pump motor 15hp 230/460v 3ph, Service/Parts/Instruction Manuals, Factory supported

Machine Technologies 100 Ton Hydraulic Down Acting
S# 88-75201-01, Date Mfg. 1/19/89, 100 Ton capacity, 36" x 36" Die area, 4.5" Dia. top center hydraulic cylinder, 18" Est. stroke, 12" Shut height, Top platen 36"W x 32"FB x 4.25"H, Bottom platen 36"W x 35"FB x 4.25"H, 100 Gal. Hydraulic tank, 20hp 220/440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 8'L x 4' 8"FB x 9' 9"H (on 7"H pallet), Est. Wt. 7,500 lbs.

Marion 50 Ton Lamination Press
36" x 42" Platens x 4 openings, Platens are approx. 2" thick, Max daylight platens is approx. 30", Cylinder has tag saying its made by Greenline S# 784231 approx. 24" stroke 3,000 PSI, 2.5" Dia. post, 38" x 38" Between post, 10hp 230/460 Vickers Pump with heat exchange and directional valve and surge tank, Not sure on make of press but found the name Marion in frame, Needs Control Panel

MAV 12 ATF 20 Ton Hydraulic Die Cutting Press
Model MAV 12 ATF, Type V 39, S# M 04 3662, Date Mfg. 2004, 20 Ton capacity, 5" Shut height, ESA VT190W Programmable control, Sick C 2000 safety light curtains, 6' 6" x 3' Table area, 20" x 25" Die holder plates, Rear support roller, Work light, 3kw 240v 3ph, Overall Dim. 9'L x 7'W x 7' 6"H, Est. Wt. 2,650 kg.

Niger 60 Ton H Frame Hydraulic Press
Capacity 60 Ton, Cleaned & painted, More info & photos coming soon
Nikka 30 Ton Up Acting
Model SP303-35, S# APR-1988, Stroke 50mm, Platen size 20" x 22", Open shut height 12", Camera/Monitor/Light illumination, Pump 2.2kw 220v 3ph

$12,000 Sale Price $8,500
OTC 25 Ton H Frame Hydraulic Press
Part No. 60178, S# 1064, Capacity 25 Ton, 30" x 46" Work area, 6.25" Stroke, Adjustable bed height, Hydraulic hand pump, Overall Dim. 58"W x 32"L x 70"H, Est. Wt. 475 lbs.
OTC 1685P 100 Ton H Frame Hydraulic Press
Model 1685P, Capacity 100 Ton, Cleaned & painted, More info & photos coming soon
Pacific 600 Ton Hydraulic Press
Model FC-600D7-60, S# A526, Max capacity 600 tons, Punching capacity 400 tons, Bed 60"L x 84"W, 36" Stroke, 36" Open height, 800 IPM Ram approach, 7 to 52 IPM Press, Floor to top of bed 42", 460v 3ph, Overall Dim. 98"W x 12'H, Est. Wt. 120,000 lbs.
Make Offer
Parker Hannifin 75 Ton Hydraulic CNC 4 Post Heated Platen Press
S# M-591, 75 Ton capacity, 24" x 30"W Electric heated platens, Max temp unknown, Water cooling of platens, Shut height 15.5", Micro stops with manual operated micro calipers, 35 Gal. hydraulic tank with Vickers 5hp pump, Control cabinet with top & bottom programmable DRO & computer program system, Have operation manual - support records - electrical prints & computer manuals, More info & photos coming soon
PHI PR21-3-M1-A Hydraulic Press
Model PR21-3-M1-A, S# 88-5-002, Date Mfg. 05/88, 1hp 120v 1ph 60cyc, More info coming soon

PHI BOS-230C 50 Ton Heated Platen Press
Model BOS-230C, S# 78-1-013, 50 Ton capacity, Digital hours meter, Platen heater switch on/off, Dump valve, 6.5" Ram, 50 to 500 Temp gage on upper and lower platen, AC Volts 240v 1ph 60cyc 4.0kw 16amps, More info coming soon

$3,500 SOLD
Rodgers 80 Ton H Frame Hyd. Press
Model 80 Ton capacity, 14" Stroke, More info & photos coming soon
Rodgers 225 Ton Semi-Auto Transfer & Compression Press
Model TCMSA225-300, S# C900201, Clamp capacity 225 ton, Clamp pullback capacity 18 tons, Transfer adjustable capacity 42 tons, Transfer pullback capacity 35 tons, Ejector capacity (top or bottom) 10 tons, 35"W x 17"L Platens, Die mounting Dim. 30" x 30", Suggested maximum mold size 30" x 23.75", Ejector bar centerline 32.25", Daylight Max 38" Min. 18", Platen travel 20", Transfer ram travel: bottom transfer system 12" - top transfer system 18", Ejector stroke top or bottom 5", 17.5hp 440v 3ph, Overall Dim. 80"L x 84"W x 132"H, Est. Wt. 18,500 lbs., Photos coming soon
Rodgers 100 Ton Hyd. Press
80 Ton puller, Model 845, S# 845-1047, 14" Cylinder travel, Cylinder model C2-100A-SJ-14, S#1128-1022

Samco/Eilers Industrial Die Cutting Press Line 67 Ton
Samco die cutting press S# 2627, New in 85, Updated 2000, 6" Stroke, Bed size 22" x 60", Variable rpm, Complete line with infeed/exit tables for high production/material rolls, 5hp 220/440v 3ph

$25,000 Sale Price $9,000
Schuler Leukart 12 Ton C-Frame
Model 12 OGF, S# 51454, 12 Ton capacity, 2" Dia. cylinder, 22" Cylinder travel on slide guide system, 22"W x 17.5" x 2"H Platen with center gap 2.5"W x 9.5"D, 3/4" Steel frame construction, Foot pedal control, 35 Gal. hydraulic tank, Electrical prints & parts manual, 10hp 230/460v 3ph Vickers pump, Overall Dim. 3'W x 4' 4"FB x 8' 3"H, Est. Wt. 3,500 lbs.

Snap-On YA622 50 Ton H-Frame
Model YA622, Series A, B622U31234, 50 Ton capacity, Roller bearing head, Manual adjusted cross beam with steel pins 7 settings, Cylinder Dia. 2.75", Est. travel 6", Hand pump hydraulic system, Distance between frame 35", Overall Dim. 36"L x 58"W x 79"H, Est. Wt. 650 lbs.

Thermex Thermatron F15-25 RF Welder
Model F15-25, S# 6773-11, Air operated down acting cylinder, 1.8 Ton capacity, 18" x 20" Platen, 5" Shut height, Power output 15kw, Overall Dim. 6' 7"L x 36"W x 7' 5"H, Est. Wt. 3,000 lbs.

$16,500 SOLD
USM Hytronic 15 Ton Clicker Press
Model B, S# 2164-687, Capacity 15 ton, Variable stroke from 0.3" to 6", Hytronic stroke control, 18"L x 20"W Platen, 18"L x 40"W Bed size, Nylon table, Down stroke speed 3.5"/sec., Upstroke speed 6"/sec., 1.5hp 115v 1ph, Overall Dim. 37"L x 40"W x 60"H, Est. Wt. 2,000 lbs.

$3,600 SOLD
W.A. Whitney 50 Ton Punch
Model 751-007, S# 751-000-30647, 6" Throat, 2" Lower die holder, On stand, Has hook to lift with crane, No hydraulic unit with machine

Wabash 15 Ton Heated Platen Hydraulic Press
Model G15-15-LX, S# 10332, 15 Ton capacity, Compression cylinder 4 x 6, 2hp 460v 3ph 60hz, More info coming soon

Wabash 15 Ton Heated Platen Hydraulic Press
Model G15-15-LX, S# 10331, 15 Ton capacity, Compression cylinder 4 x 6, 2hp 460v 3ph 60hz, More info coming soon

Wabash 125 Ton Heated Platen Hydraulic Press
Model PC125-3024-4, S# 6566, 125 Ton capacity, Compression cylinder bore & stroke 8 x 10, 5hp 460v 3ph, More info coming soon

Wabash 200 Ton Hydraulic Up Acting 4 Post Heated Platen Press
Model 200H-24-BCLPX, S# 9731, Date Mfg. 7/97, 200 Ton capacity, 24" x 24" Heated platens, 12" x 12" Cylinder, Up acting, 24" Max shut height w/ 12" of adjustment, 3" Dia. columns, 20hp motor, Platens at 11,500 watts each, 230v 3ph 60cyc, Cleaned & painted, Press Dim. 5' 9"L x 2' 5"W x 7' 2"H, Hydraulic system Dim. 4'L x 3' 8"W x 7'H

Williams White Hydraulic Horizontal Bulldozer 75 Ton
18" Stroke, Max gap between ram and foot bolster 38", Ram is 12" x 57", 20hp 220v 3ph, Est. Wt. 10,000 lbs.


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